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Assess Personal Property Online


February 9, 2012 by wcobserver

WASHINGTON​ COUNTY​ -​ Washington​ County’s​ assessor​ is​ encouraging​ residents​ to​ use​ online​ forms​ to​ assess​ their​ personal​ property.​ County​ Assessor​ Jeff​ Williams​ said​ it​ only​ takes​ minutes​ to​ update​ one’s​ personal​ property​ assessment​ online.​ By​ doing​ so,​ residents​ can​ avoid​ traveling​ to​ the​ offices​ and​ waiting​ in​ line,​ he​ said.​ People​ living​ in​ the​ county​ are​ required​ to​ assess​ their​ personal​ property,​ such​ as​ cars,​ motorcycles​ and​ motor​ homes,​ every​ year​ between​ Jan.​ 1​ and​ May​ 31​ or​ risk​ a​ 10​ percent​ tax​ penalty.​ The​ assessment ​establishes​ a ​value​ on ​which ​the​ county​ figures​ one’s​ annual​ property​ tax.​ First-time​ assessments​ require​ a​ visit​ to​ one​ of​ the​ county’s​ offices,​ but​ adjustments​ to​ assessments​ can​ be​ done​ by​ phone​or​online.​

To​ assess​ online,​ go​ to​​ Residents​ will​ need​ to​ provide​ their​ last​ names,​ ZIP​ codes​ and​ house​ numbers​ to​ assess​ online.​ There​ is​ no​ cost​ to​ use​ the​ online​ option.​ To​ assess​ over​ the​ phone,​ residents​ should​ call​ 444-1520.​ To​ assess​ in​ person​ and​ add​ property,​ residents​ can ​visit​ the ​Washington​ County​ Courthouse​ in​ Fayetteville​ or​ the ​Arkansas​ Department​ of​ Finance​ and ​Administration ​offices ​in ​Springdale​ and ​Lincoln.​ — Special to the Observer



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