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Rendered Speechless


February 24, 2012 by wcobserver

Faithful readers of the editorials that ap- pear in this space are probably prepared for the usual arm-waving, bug-eyed rant that we spew forth when the West Fork City Council unleashes some action we judge to be worthy of ridicule. Not this time.

This time, we are rendered utterly speechless by the council’s mind-boggling vote to override a judicious decision of the Planning Commission and create a two- acre, single parcel commercial zone in the midst of a residential district to accommodate the owner (who is chairman of the planning commission), because he “Has A Right” and wants a bigger tax deduction.

There are few things more harmful to the character and livability a city than spot zoning, not to mention the council’s decision is an invitation to litigation. And

there are fewer city councils anywhere who would so wistfully abandon any semblance of prudence.

But, representative government being what it is, the decision by the council is the will of the citizens of West Fork.

The council’s shortsighted irresponsibility has opened a can of worms. The ramifications of that St. Valentine’s Day massacre of common sense will undoubtedly be the topic of many future news articles and scathing editorial rants on these pages.

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