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Valentine’s Day, like a Boyfriend with a spotty history


February 14, 2012 by Annie McCormick

The origin of Valentine’s Day has a few different versions. They all seem to start with the legend of one of perhaps three martyred saints in ancient Rome. The holiday is also supposed to be “Christianized” by moving it closer to the pagan observation of Lupercalia.

Then it was outlawed for being “un-Christian” until a pope in the 5th century revived it. Today, around one billion prefab cards are bought and sent. Flower shops are inundated and candy flies off the shelves. Happy happy joy joy.

Valentine’s day can still be happy even if you don’t have a spouse or a date. I’ve been through many VD’s that way. At first it was depressing, like I was unwanted or unworthy of a $2.00 greeting card. After I learned a little self-esteem, I would celebrate with friends who were in the same boat. We taught each other that we were important to each other and to ourselves. There didn’t have to be romance, just love.

So, know that you’re not alone on this day. Everyone who loved you yesterday still loves you today, even if they don’t give you a bag of M&Ms. Or, if you’re the adventurous sort, celebrate Lupercalia. Just get some strips of goat hide soaked in the goat’s blood and slap someone you like in the butt. Your choice.



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