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West Fork Students Learn Money Matters


February 13, 2012 by Renee Reed

WEST FORK – Fifteen Junior and Senior students from West Fork High School have received the honor of being members of the Junior Bank Board. They applied to join and then had to be nominated by their teachers in order to become members.

Every third Wednesday, the group meet to learn how to take care of personal finances and get some practical financial information. The students are guided in the academic arena by school sponsors Ashley Fulmer and Josh Cook.

The members include Skylan Branson, President; Ashley Good, Vice President; Amy Snowden, Secretary/Treasurer; Han- nah Bowerman, Ruthy Peoples, Morgan Hawthorn, Riley Franklin, Jassa Ferrell, Dylan Harrison, Josh Ferrell, Karli Helder, Lauren Lichty, Caitlynn Moses, Faith Castleberry and Paula Ortiz.

“It is a fun way to enlighten us, high school students, in the realm of finance and banking,” Hannah Bowerman said. “It is a good experience to have that knowl- edge for my future. JBB is worthwhile.”

Economics is a required course for all high school students entering as fresh- men for the 2011-2012 school year. For those students already in the upper-level classes, the board offers a way to pursue their interests in finance and make business connections within the banking community.

Cindy Moore and Beverly Boyd are the Arvest bank sponsors for the board and teach the students the particulars of doing business in the banking industry. “We share with them professional interview

techniques, how a business environment operates, and the importance of social and career networking.” said Moore.

“Our guest speakers are always very upbeat and helpful about any questions we may have,” said Ortiz. Moses re- ported that she expects having the Junior Bank Board on her resume will help her stand out for certain scholarships and job opportunities.

With the help of Arvest Bank, the board members will take a field trip and be allowed to tour the Lowell Operations and Processing Center where they will learn about the internal workings of the banking system. They will also extend their learning by visiting the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bureau of Engraving in Dallas during an overnight field trip in April.

In order to afford the trips, the board

will be holding bake sales. “We will be selling cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake and many other delectable home made desserts,” said Peoples. The sales will take place in the lobby of the West Fork Arvest Bank.

The JBB is holding a Children’s Portrait fundraiser on March 10. For a cost of $10, guests will receive a 10×13 inch black and white color splash portrait of their child. Order forms are available at the school offices. Forms and payment are due by March 2. The JBB students will receive all the profits from this fundraiser and will be using along with the bake sale revenue to finance their trip.

If you are interested in helping support the field trip efforts, please contact West Fork High School or Arvest Bank for more information.

Renee Reed

Renee Reed is owner of Reed Designs. She is a teacher, landscape designer and writer. She enjoys reading, gardening and waterfall hunting. Her email is

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