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What They Ate in 2011


February 24, 2012 by Linda Ford

Last year about this time I wrote an article about all the non food type items found in dog and cat GI tracts. Every year Veterinary Practice News holds a contest called “ They Ate What?” In Vet Medicine we refer to it as dietary indiscretion. Here is a sampling of what they ate in 2011.

A dog came in to a clinic with the signs of lameness. On radiographic image they found nine handballs in the dog’s stomach.

Another dog’s radio-graphs showed a hodgepodge of stuff and the surgeon re- moved shoelaces, mulch, a knee high stocking, a plastic plant, plastic twist ties, and the bristles of a car snow cleaning brush.

A six month old bulldog ate a metal slip collar and became ill and was taken to the vet. At surgery the doctor found 2 slip collars. Ten baby bottle nipples were found in the stomach of a four month old golden retriever puppy.

One dog owner was feeding his dog pea- nut butter from a spoon and the dog grabbed spoon and all and swallowed it. Upon surgical removal they also discovered a piece of a collar and a toy.

One dog was taken to the vet for vomit- ing and grass eating and when they x-rayed his intestines they found a hard plastic dino- saur. A nine year old bulldog ate his owner’s false teeth after finding them in a bowl of ice cream (gross)! The teeth were returned to the owner after surgery.

I’m afraid that’s all I’ve got to offer this year. I personally don’t have any great stories to tell about what they ate in 2011 al- though I have had a few doozies over the years. I better keep them to myself though so as not to embarrass any local pet owners with what their pets ate. You know who you are!



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