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Winslow Appoints New Race President


February 9, 2012 by wcobserver

WINSLOW – Plans​are​underway​for​the​ second​annual​Winslow​Half​Marathon​and​ 5k​ Race​ to​ be​ held​ on​ Sept.​ 22.​ Event​ organizers ​recently ​met​ at ​the ​home​ of​ community​ volunteer​ Mary​ Anderson,​ where​ they​ discussed​ plans​ for​ this​ year’s​ race,​ appointed​ race​ organizing​ committees​ and​ elected​ a​ new​ Race​ President.​ This​ years​ race​ will ​take ​place ​under ​the ​leadership​ of​ Jane ​Maginot, ​of ​Winslow.

Jane​ Maginot​ moved​ to​ the​ Boston​ Mountains​ four​ years​ ago​ with​ her​ hus- band,​ James,​ to​ start​ a​ small​ diversified​ farm,​ Beyond​ Organics​ Farm.​ Together​ they​ raise​ vegetables,​ goats,​ poultry​ and​ cattle.​ The​ farm​ is​ in​ its​ early​ stages​ and​ growing​ leaps​ and​ bounds​ every​ year.​ Off​ farm,​Jane​is​a​Program​Associate​in​Water​ Quality​ for​ the​ University ​of​ Arkansas ​Division​ of​ Agriculture​ Cooperative​ Extension​ Service.​ Her​ responsibilities​ include​ urban​ stormwater​ program​ coordination​ and​ promotion,​ development​ of​ stormwater​ teaching​ resources,​ and​ youth ​outreach.​ Prior​ to​ coming​ to​ Northwest​ Arkansas,​ Jane​ worked​ and​ lived​ in​ the​ East​African​ country​ of​ Tanzania​ as​ an​ Executive​ Director​ for​ a​ small​ non-profit​ and​ as​ a​ U.S.​ Peace​ Corps​ Volunteer.​ Jane​ is​ originally​ from​Texarkana,​TX.​

This​ year’s​ race​ will​ be​ limited​ to​ 500​ runners,​who​ will ​once ​again ​run ​the ​same​ Half​ Marathon​ Certified​ course​ created​ in​ 2011.​ Once​ again,​ the​ race​ will​ benefit​ local​ Winslow​ non-profit​ organizations.​ Last​ year’s ​race ​proceeds ​were ​just ​shy ​of​

$4,000​ and​ were​ distributed​ to​ Winslow​ Community​ Meals,​ Winslow​ Friends​ of​ the​Library,​Boston​ Mountain​ Fire​ Department,​ Winslow​ Community​ Relief​ Fund​ and​other​community​ organizations.

Organizers​hope​to​build​on​their​success​ of​ last​ year.​A​ community​ festival​ will​ be​ held​ in​ Peaks​ Park​ adjacent​ to​ the​ finish​ line.​Registration​information​can​be​found​ at​​ For​ additional​ information​ and​ sponsorship​ opportunities,​please​contact​Jane​Maginot​at​jane@ –– By John Ford, Special to the Observer



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