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Democrat JPs To Square Off in Primary


March 15, 2012 by wcobserver

WASHINGTON COUNTY – Local Democratic candidates are going to be busy this election season. Candidates for county, state and national positions were required to file their intent to run by March 1 and Justice of the Peace races will see several Democrats go head-to- head in the primaries.

Maria Hicks and Sharon L. Green will square off for the Democrat nominee for District 7. And both women say they’re ready to rumble.

“It is my first time to run as a candidate … the opportunity presented itself and I figured I really want to serve and do more than just work behind the scenes and help,” Hicks said. “There comes a time when you need to put up or shut up.”

A Fayetteville resident for 18 years, Hicks has indeed been quite active behind the politi- cal scenes. She is currently the VP of programs for the Washington County Democratic Women and Vice Chair for the Third district Demo- cratic Hispanic Caucus. As reported on, Hicks recently con- fronted county officials and the Secretary of State’s office for not offering mandated Spanish-language voter registration forms.

Although she works extensively with minorities and women, Hicks said her big focus as a JP would be the streamlining and better monitoring of the county’s budgetary process.

“My bigger issue, the more I find out details about the Quorum Court, is the process they use for budgeting,” she said. “Currently what they’re doing is only re- viewing budgets and departments that ask for increases and not all the departments.”

Hicks said her professional work experience dealing with “budgeting and projections and analysis of income and

sales” makes her perfect for that kind of oversight position on the Quorum Court. However, she also said it’s her personal attitude that will make her a tough opponent both in the primaries and the general election.

“I’m a full-time mom and a full-time consultant for a computer data company. And all the other stuff I do is because I have a passion for it,” Hicks said. “I guess, don’t have a filter when it comes to some one being afraid to speak up. I just think if someone doesn’t speak up, if someone doesn’t help, then we can’t expect things to get better.”

Hick’s opponent in the Democrat primary is Sharon L. Green, a life-long resident of Washington County.

What’s more, Green has had some experience with running for elected office, when she went up against District 1 Re- publican incumbent Tom Lundstrum in 2008.

“It’ll be an interesting next few months,” Green said. “[In 2008] I was the new-comer. I’ve learned a lot and have stayed very active in the Quorum Court and stayed involved.”
Although Green didn’t defeat Lundstrum for the position, she said she’s stayed very active in Quorum Court proceedings while also working for the past 10 years at the Springdale Public Schools in the accounting department. As a JP, Green said she’d like to focus on continuing support and oversight of some of the newly initiated county plans, including the county-wide zoning and the animal shelter. As for the the hotly-debated Ozark Regional Transit fee, which in all likelihood will be sent to voters in May, Green said it is important to consider the concerns all the citizens in the community.

“I’m totally in support of helping the elderly … and I also understand the disabled,” Green said. “But having said that, I also think that it’s not necessarily the rest of the citizens’ responsibility to foot the bill for other people to ride free. I think you need to buy a one-day pass, or week pass, or for the students going to NWACC, they need to buy a pass. They need to pay for transportation. It doesn’t

have to be massive but they need to pay for it. I’m for having citizens being able to vote for that.”

Green said that representing the citizens of the county, and not just a specific district or party, is key.

“I know that being JP you have a district that you represent, but everything you do is going to affect Washington County, so you have to know the big picture,” said Green, who was all for a Democrat primary debate, although none has been planned.

“I think our citizens deserve to know who is wanting to represent them and who the best person for that would be. Is it someone running because they want one party or the other in that position or are they running because they truly want to be part of the neighborhood and represent of that district. There’s a big difference.”

The primaries will be held on May 22 , with early voting beginning May 7. The winner of the Democrat primary will go up against incumbent Republican JP Rick Cochran, who will shift from District 10 to District 7.



  1. Sharon Green says:

    You didn’t post all 83 comments made on the article about your father. You also took my comment out of context. Had you posted all 83, the “pathetic” was not name calling,it was in reference to the allegation and statements and the arguments. However, since you felt I made a bad judgement call and was not clear, I will apologize to you for the term “pathetic” being used in a manner in which offended you.
    Your also did not post the part where I said I was sorry for your lose. I know this must have been a very difficult time.
    This is all I will say, I will not argue this point any further.
    I do not expect you to support me, while you are not in my District, you are still important to me as a person. So while we do disagree on this issue, I will represent you to the best of my ability, and I am the best candidate. Again, I do apologize for the misunderstanding, was not meant as name calling.

  2. Candy Icenogle says:

    I have been nothing but cordial in all of my posts on this subject…Sharon Green, however, was the one name calling and acting like a child who wants to be the Justice of the Peace! I really do not care what religion the McAfee’s practice… really does not factor into the equation! Unless you were there, unless you have read the reports…as I have…..unless you have investigated everything….as I have, then you really have no right to comment….just like Sharon, standing behind someone because they wear a badge. Please inform yourself before you vote for JP! Your words are definetly nicer than Sharon’s words….and that shows that you, at least, have a little maturity,but it also shows your ingnorance in the cases that are involved……Read up on it and you will see.

  3. Jim Renfrow says:

    Dear Ms. Icenogle,

    While I would agree that the response you provided may have been uncouth and a bit harsh, the substance of what Ms. green says is true.

    I have known Detective McAfee and his family for almost 20 years since they moved back from CA.

    He and his wife are devout cathilics and volunteer in the community. His children are all grown and have served in the military and as public servants, just as Scott McAfee has.

    Over a more than 30 year career he has had a few run in with some thugs htat he had to defend himself against, not unexpected especially IN LA County.

    What you didnt know is that some of them even attacked his family, blew up his squad car with an improvised explosive, and he left CA because of the extreme dangers to law enforcment and their families that are present even today.

    I would agree with Ms. Icenogle in her view that you just dont understand, but I would also prefer to be a little more cordial in our disagreement.

    i am sorry that you were offended and I would enjoy a spirited conversation with you at anytime, as long as all parties remained civil and respectful as should have occured during your discourse with Ms, Icenogle.

  4. Candy Icenogle says:

    Below is the response I got from Sharon Green after posting my opinion about a recent news event concerning a member of law enforcement. Do you want someone this childish as a Justice of the Peace in Washington county? Professionalism must not be Mrs. Green’s forte’.

    Sharon Green’s response to me about a story on

    Candy, you are so wrong, and pathetic. You obvious do not know how to read either. Your post make no sense whatsoever. And for the record It is Detective McAfee, again the facts are both incidents “”” that is only TWO *****, were where a gun was pulled on him, the the second the guy went into the house, shut the door and came back with a crow bar… enough said. No brutality, justified. Stop arguing, these are the facts. Just because you think you are reading something, again doesn’t mean it is the same person, nor does it mean it is fact. Every single day a life is saved because of our great officers at WCSO,

    My response back to Sharon:

    So Sharon, your telling me that Lewis Scott McAfee never worked in Los Angeles county in the 80’s and never had lawsuits agains him there for excessive force and never KILLED anyone in Los Angeles county? Read the below article I copied and pasted from The Los Angeles Times.

    If you want to read more, go to

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