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Letters to the Editor: March 8, 2012 edition


March 15, 2012 by wcobserver

Different Neighborly Values

To the Editor:

As much as I would rather be outside working in my garden , I could not keep myself out there with a story from your paper rolling around in my head. Every ounce of my being requested that I give my opinion on the story.

The story deals with Mr. Landa and his desire to change West Forks zoning laws to suit his self-appointed important self!

I find it hard to believe that when he bought his property, that he did not have his plans already in mind. I assume, since he is the chairman of the “planning com- mission,” he must have felt that he could get around those silly laws that he is sup- pose to enforce. We here in the Boston Mountains have an unspoken code where we each try to respect each other’s rights.

We try not to do anything that would cause your neighbor to become displeased with being your neighbor.

To me, it seems as though wherever Mr. Landa came from was a place where those values were not important! What a shame he had to settle in West Fork. To his neighbor, I would suggest building the most unsightly fence that Mr. Landa has ever seen in his life between their properties. Perhaps on the side of the fence that faces Mr. Landa, it should be painted a horrible color and on the side that faces his neighbor, that side should be made for beautiful flowers and vines to grow on. Glad you are not my neighbor, Mr. Landa. Or, should I say , you should be glad you are not my neighbor.

“Buzz,” West Fork


Republicans’ Failings Didn’t Need Democrats’ Help

To the Editor:

Mike Landry, in his column in the Feb. 23 paper, blames the news media, “also known as the Democratic Ministry of Propaganda” for the fall from grace of several of the Republican candidates. “They nuked Sarah Palm, decimated Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry … Newt Gingrich … Herman Cain.”

In truth, none of these people needed any help in destroying their candidacies. If Mr. Landry had watched any of the “debates,” he would have seen Ms. Bachmann’s tenuous grasp of American

history; Mr. Perry’s “oops” moment; or Mr. Cain’s mindless “nine-nine-nine.” As for Ms. Palin, she was never a candidate, preferring her lucrative TV career to any more elective office after her foreshortened career in Alaska. As for Mr. Gingrich who has spent most of his life in our nation’s capital but calls it “Warshington,” what more can be said?

For his students’ sake, I hope Mr. Landry’s classroom instruction is far more factual than this column.

Jon Zimmer, Fayetteville



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