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Ratings for 2012 Antivirus and Internet Security Suites


March 15, 2012 by Wes Eckles

Tip 1 – PCMag has posted their test results of the latest 2012 anti-malware products. Two separate test results are available. One is for 14 antivirus programs and the other is for 14 internet security programs. In previous Tips of The Week, I pointed out the difference between the two. Antivirus pro- grams are less expensive and lack extra fea- tures included in suites. These programs are not free. The antivirus programs cost from $28 to $70, while the suites cost from $70 to $80. Most of these programs allow installation on three or four computers for one year.

The top rated antivirus program and Editor’s Choice is a tie: Norton AntiVi- rus 2012 and Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus. Go here to see the charts and reviews for the 14 products.

Again Norton Internet Security 2012 and Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete tied for top rated and Editor’s choice for the Internet Security Suites. Go here to see the test results for the 14 programs.

Tip 2 – The latest hoax spreading by Facebook users concerns a picture of a sick boy in intensive care. The hoax claims that sharing a picture of a sick boy will grant him a heart transplant.

Tip 3 – A free music player called Clementine is rated very good by PCWorld. The player is strictly for music. Your music collection is organized and you can access Internet music from, SomaFM, Magnatune, and other sites. For a review of Clementine and program download go here.

Tip 4 – How can you save battery energy on your cell phone? Take these steps suggested by Robert Strohmeyer: “1. Dim the screen; 2. Set screen timeouts to kick in as quickly as possible; 3. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when they’re not is use; 4. Go easy on power-hungry GPS; 5. Don’t use vibrate; and 6. Buy an extended battery.”

Tip 5 – Do you want to find information or location for someone? Google “SPOKEO” and you will reach a data base that contains a lot of information.

“Spokeo is a people search engine that organizes vast quantities of white-pages listings, social information, and other people- related data from a large variety of public sources,” according to the company information. “Our mission is to help people find and connect with others, more easily than ever.”

Put in your name. You will be surprised how much info that is available about you. The basic info is free. To unlock detailed information for people, a fee of $35.40/year is charged. Three and six months subscriptions are available.

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Wes Eckles

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