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Drymon Vacates Clerk Job


April 3, 2012 by wcobserver

By Steve Winkler

West Fork is again without a city clerk. The current acting clerk, Kristie Drymon, submitted her resignation in an email to council members and the mayor on March 30.

Kristie Drymon tendered her resignation as City Clerk on March 30.

Drymon who also serves as City Treasurer and Water Department Office Manager will continue in those positions.

Drymon had been appointed interim clerk when Emily Holloway resigned in March, 2011. Holloway had defeated incumbent Susan Cooney in the November 2010 general election then resigned, citing the toll the position took on herself and on her family.

In West Fork the part-time clerk position is an elected one, the treasurer is appointed. The duties of city clerk consist of keeping “all the laws and ordinances of the city” as well as a “regular and correct journal of the proceedings of the city council,” according to Arkansas statue.   Part of the job description includes notifying news media as required and assuring that the city holds meetings in compliance with Arkansas’ Freedom of Information law.

A copy of the job description is available at city hall and any anyone interested in the position is invited to submit a resume.



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