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Letter to the Editor, April 5 Edition


April 5, 2012 by wcobserver

To the Editor:

Last fall I was in your wonderful town visiting old friends. We drove past a school with a sign that read “We Give Praise To God For Providing ABC Summer Funding.”

I was puzzled and asked my friends what the sign was about and they told us it was preschool run by a religious man, Justin Harris.

We returned home and I did an internet search and discovered the school gets over $850,000 from a state-federal education program. I also learned that the school’s owner is a state representative who gets to vote on funding for his school.

It may be politely pious to thank God for the school’s funding but if you rummage around the books there will be at least two checks that say State of Arkansas, one for the school, one for legislative salary. Does God live in Little Rock?

Larry Woodall, Springdale


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  1. Marilyn Stokes says:

    Can anyone say “conflict of interest”? Remember District 81 has a choice for Republican State Rep this year. Check out Lisa France Norris.

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