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Letter to the editor for April 27 – May 1


April 26, 2012 by Asa Lee

Below is Larry Woodall’s letter he send to Walton Arts Center after it announced that Ted Nugent would be performing in the summer

First let me say a big thank you to WAC for its presence in NWA. I’ve enjoyed numerous concerts and art shows at your Dickson St location since your opening and plan to continue.

I write you to register a complaint about your choice to support Ted Nugent for the AMP appearance in NWA on June 10, 2012.

Ted Nugent is blatantly and vulgarly a partisan political entertainer. On stage he has called for SoS Hillary Clinton to “suck on this you bitch” as he waves an assault rifle in the air.
Recently his remarks likened the President of the United States to coyote in one’s living room that needs to be shot.

Today comes this revelation that Nugent’s comments have been scrubbed from the National Rifle Association’s website:
“If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year,” Nugent told a crowd at the [NRA] convention. That comment piqued the interest of the Secret Service, who’ll be meeting with Nugent Thursday.

Link is here

In light of the extreme gun violence hovering over our great nation don’t you think  it’s time to curtail people like Nugent who has no reservations about urging violence to solve political and social problems our society faces?

Larry Woodall

Asa Lee

Jeff Winkler is the managing editor of the Washington County Observer. Email him at

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  1. Karen says:

    If you don’t like Ted Nugent then simply don’t go to see him. Some people like him, most being adults and are old enough to make the decision to go to his concert or not to go to his concert. Typical left thinking that they are put here to tell others who to like, where to go, how to think. It’s not like Liberals haven’t said things just as bad, or worse, about people like Sarah Palin, President Bush and others on the Right. So, shut up, stay at home, mind your own business and stop trying to police what others may want to hear or watch.

  2. Linda Farrell says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Woodall. This country is on the edge of a very deep precipice regarding our proclivity toward violence in our political rehetoric. Someone like Ted Nugent could be the spark that ignites something we are not prepared to handle. Free speech may be guaranteed in the First Amendment and he is free to conduct his show any way he sees fit. But yelling fire in a crowded theater does not constitute free speech. “Hysteria” and “anarchy” seem to be more appropriate descriptions for what he has to offer. What Mr. Nugent has to offer to audiences in Northwest Arkansas is without merit or purpose and can in no way be deemed “culturally artistic.” Arkansas already struggles with a “red neck” image, that is likely partially responsible for its inability to attract new and higher-tier industries and businesses. Mr. Nugent’s performance would add fuel to the fires of hatred, bigotry and ignorance and do irreparable harm to the image we are trying so hard to lose. His performance would blight the image of the WAC.

  3. eLwood says:

    From Johnny’s comments appears that WAC has chosen an overgrown and undisciplined infant to support in their upcoming outdoor concert.

    All along I expected enlightenment from the WAC performances. What is enlightening about Ted Nugent?

  4. eLwood says:

    U.S. Army has booted Nugent’s scheduled performance.

  5. Johnny Bowen says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person who thinks it’s a bad idea for WAC to associate itself with a person like Ted Nugent. In addition to the points raised by Mr. Woodall, I would like to add that a significant part of Nugent’s business involves making, showing, and distributing animal “snuff films.”

    A good friend of mine lives next to a big-game hunting ranch in Texas. He was talking to the game manager who said that Nugent had himself filmed killing exotic game animals. He left the carcasses to rot where they died. The game manager was pretty disgusted with Mr. Nugent.

    Recently, Mr. Nugent was fined by the U.S. Wildlife Service for illegaly killing a black bear in Alaska.

    And one other thing, Mr. Nugent avoided fighting for his country when he had a chance during the Vietnam War. The way he got out of the draft was by crapping his pants.

    Johnny Bowen
    West Fork

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