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Political Spectrum: A View From the Right — Can Romney Beat Obama?


April 10, 2012 by Mike Landry

It seems apparent that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee. Can he beat President Obama?

Pitting Mitt Romney against Barack Obama recalls some aspects of the election of 2008.

Romney has more media presence than the wooden John McCain. And overexposure, gaffs, and wobbly abilities in extemporaneous speaking have revealed Obama as being less than his initial image.

But this is not about the election of another of the nice, respectable Republicans that the party establishment seems to love to nominate.

The election is about Barack Obama. And the President has real problems.

He pledged to his supporters the ending of the wars, the providing of civilian trials for terrorists, the closing of Guantanamo, the freeing of us from the curse of Wall Street, and he said he’d give us national health care and more. To date, the wars have expanded, terrorists don’t clog our courts, Guantanamo remains, the administration is cozy with Wall Street, and national health care is on the ropes.

As a result, President Obama’s supporters are not amused.

On the other hand, the administration promised to release the dogs of scorched earth environmentalism (including destruction of the coal industry), raise gas prices, spread the wealth, diminish American prestige, and spend, spend, spend, and tax, tax, tax. They’ve been fairly successful there (although the taxes for health care are conveniently delayed until after the election).

As a result, President Obama’s critics are livid.

In 2008, Obama could run circles around the hapless McCain. Obama’s made-for-television appearance, the dazzling media events leading up to his election, the ability of anyone to project whatever one wanted into the slogan of “hope and change,” the enthusiasm of young people, and the desire of many to remedy past American failings by electing a black man President made for an irresistible combination.

But now, as someone has said, Barack Obama, is so 2008. Hope and change have not reduced unemployment, youth have turned their interest elsewhere, and the historical significance of Obama’s election is just that: history, a milestone only to be met once.
Otherwise, we’re seeing bizarre things — some of them dangerous — such as the President playing nudge-nudge-wink-wink with the Russians about missile defense. And surely there must be some embarrassment among establishment liberals for the President’s recent inane attack on judicial review.

Which brings us to Mitt Romney. About him we can say: …well… he’s… um … well, there’s not much to say about Mitt Romney. About all Romney has told us is that he’s a businessman and he’s not Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, nor any of the other Republican contenders. Otherwise, Romney has played it close to the vest and tried not to screw up. It was, after all, one of his staffers that used the term “Etch-a-Sketch” to describe Romney strategy.

The question is: can Romney win? Given the media in Obama’s corner coupled with the long record of Democratic voter fraud (isn’t it obvious what the laughable voter ID flap is about?), it’s hard to say.

While I’m tepid toward a President Romney, I dread a second term of President Obama.

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Mike Landry

​​A Washington County resident, Mike Landry is professor of business administration at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He blogs at and can be contacted at​ ​ ​

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