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Election Day


May 21, 2012 by Matthew Jones

Election day is finally here, or at least the May 22nd election day. There will be more to come.

If you have already voted in early or absentee voting thanks, but for all those who have waited there is still time left to vote. I hope that everyone decides to vote, because there are not only important issues on the ballot, whether or not people in Washington Co. will be paying higher sales taxes, but also important primary races going on, and judge ships to be decided on as well. It is important that every eligible citizen of this county vote and have their voices heard.

A term that I hear a lot is: The Silent Majority. This refers to when most of the people agree on one side or another of a particular issue but they are not as vocal about it or decide, for some reason or another, not to vote. There is no reason why this term should even be in existence because if someone feels that an issue is an important or wants to change or keep the government the same, there is an outlet in our way of governance to show that. Just vote.

I know many people are busy people. with full time jobs and a family, but take some time to vote. Maybe even brings the kids to the voting station and start a discussion on what you are doing and why it is so important. For a long period of our countries history a large portion of the country was unable to vote and could not have their voices heard. It is not only our right but our duty to vote. We cannot say that the government is doing us wrong and that they need to change, but not do anything about it. You do not have to donate money or rally, all you have to do is vote. That is the most powerful tool of the people.

For all those who do not know where to go to vote, click here to find a list of polling stations.

Again, I hope that everyone takes a couple minutes out of their day to vote and help our system of government and our governance become a reflection of the people of Washington County.



  1. Matthew Jones says:

    Thank You Betony! I hope that you and your two kids had a good time and I hope that you feel like you made some difference!

  2. Betony says:

    I packing up my 1 & 3 yearolds. We are voting 🙂

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