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Letter to the Editor: Tax ‘Em All


May 15, 2012 by wcobserver

The good intentioned people of the Quorum Court have passed to some of the voters, a measure that will extract yet another incremental tax increase from all of us. I say some voters because this will be on a May ballot which all involved know is lightly attended by the public at large. We can call this fair in the sense that it is a public vote but make no mistake; it is clearly intended to sway the result from the limited turnout as opposed to allowing this to be included in the well attended November election. This dichotomy should be explained in any elections that the issue included has no real time constraint. Do they really purport this to be a democratic act?

The reason I oppose this measure is twofold.

First, anyone who will consider the simple arithmetic will see that this is a manufactured entitlement. Using the ORT figures, ridership is at best 250,000 per year, the fare is $1.25, and the tax increase, not the total spent, is over $7 Million.  ORT further claims that ridership will exceed 1.2 Million in 2012 and although far fetched, would yield:

$1.25 rider fare times the exaggerated 1.2 million riders equals $1.5 Million of revenue.

We spend 7 or 10 or 15 million (I cannot find a stable, real budget from ORT) for less than $2 million in revenue? How is this not a manufactured entitlement?

 Secondly, I believe that the job of a government is to provide only those things that a government exclusively can, not those things that a “collective should.”  In my view these are law enforcement, courts, and a minimum county staff. Once we begin to defer the responsibility of providing to the people through government we create the democracy we were warned about by John Adams and many others. When our elected members, no matter their good intentions, let a selective majority determine what part of the minority’s income they are entitled to, we are finished as a great nation. Are we there yet?

 Joe Maynard

Candidate for Justice of the Peace, D-14


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  1. eLwood says:

    Just for openers John Adams nor any other ‘founders’ mentioned an interstate highway system nor was any mention made of municipal water/sewer systems, municipal and regional airports.
    Obviously we fund all sorts of public services that were beyond the pale of our original founders’ vision. It’s a “living Constitution” not a dead one stuck in the 18th Century.
    When I was a boy in the ’40s, 50s and part of the 60s there were numerous public buses. My Ark hometown of 20-30,000 had a vibrant publicly owned bus transit. It traversed all the major arteries and all the major neighborhoods. My uncles, aunts and granny used it regularly. I rode it from Jr High functions to home more than once.
    Btw, Joe, how much is spent keeping streets, roads and highways?
    Fayetteville and Washington County is wise to look ahead. As award winning Canadian economist Jeff Rubin noted: “You know, the world is not running out of oil.” Then Rubin goes on to list the billions of barrels found in different fields deep on the ocean floor and in tar sands. He emphasizes, “What the world is running out of is oil we can afford to burn.” That’s oil that’s going to cost more and more in the near future.
    If you would like to hear Rubin’s talk, an eye opener, go here:


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