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We’re Taking a Break


May 25, 2012 by wcobserver

The Observer’s going to take a summer break between Memorial Day to Labor Day. Loyal readers can still find us writing occasional Facebook posts. If we can muster the energy, we’ll also have a fortnightly newsletter.

Public service announcements are available from and Patty Baker’s Active Citizens email list.Other information sources include bulletin boards at the West Fork and Winslow city libraries; the Bank of Fayetteville in West Fork; West Fork City Hall; and the new information kiosk at the West Fork recycle center. For gossip try Jake’s and That Place in West Fork; The Mercantile and Mikey’s in Winslow; and the breakfast crowd at the Greenland Mini-Mart./div>

The Observer owners and staff will use the time to reorganize. When we return, we will be structured as either a writers’ collective, a consumer and/or producer co-op or an educational non-profit. 
If you’d like to participate in this new venture contact us with your ideas at
Now, go out and have some fun … 

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  1. Kelly Gass says:

    um…hello, anybody home, hello Chief, you there? In response to “We are taking a summer break” I was wondering if you’ve ever made it back from summer break. I mean I’m not out of order asking, am I? – Unless I’m reading my calendar wrong, we are dang near into November – what’s going on dude?

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