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Letter to Editor, Fred Robinson


November 2, 2012 by wcobserver

Letter to the Editor,

Fred Robinson here. I have entered my name in the election for Alderman, Ward 2 Position 1.

In my interaction with citizens of West Fork on the issues, I have decided that my informed opinions on these issues are as follows:

The issues on the ballot and where I stand on them:

FOR the initiative to put control of our Water and Sewer System in our City Government

AGAINST the medical marijuana proposal

NON-COMMITTED on the sales tax for highways.

West Fork Election Positions:   

City Government should take over the Water and Sewer services for the City.  I understand and defend the positions of the “Citizens for Accountability” efforts to place this issue on the ballot. I have read the position paper mailed out by the Water and Sewer Commission. I will vote FOR the City to have control of our water and sewer utility.  There have been serious errors in managing through our present commission.

The Mayor/City Council form of governing the city is how West Fork is chartered.  I support bringing this form of government back to what it was intended to be in the charter. We elect a mayor to lead our city and expect the City Council to support the Mayor’s direction.

There have been numerous private discussions concerning improper behavior of elected and appointed officials with bullying, intimidation, veiled threats and worse over issues in our city.

As an elected member of the City Council I will insist that City business be conducted in a civil manner, and that City Government meetings be conducted in the proper decorum.  There shall be civil public discourse WITH PROPER RESPECT PAID TO THE MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL, THE MAYOR AND ALL WHO COME BEFORE THE COUNCIL.  

Should there be infractions of this policy I shall move that the council entertain a resolution of public censure and those acting out be removed from the premises of the meetings. All City Business shall be conducted in this manner.

As desirable as some services might be…there are services that the City of West Fork cannot afford with present revenues.   A public swimming pool is a great idea and would be an asset for our community.  The City does not have the revenue therefore cannot afford it; let’s look for alternative funding for public quality of life projects.

A thriving Senior Center is a real possibility if we get our people to participate.  The key there is to have seniors “sign up” at no cost to them.  This data collected allows for a funding stream to operate the centers and provide “meals on wheels”.  Surrounding towns are successful in getting participation by offering music programs before lunch.  Talent from our area is regularly involved there as volunteers.  I regularly attend these events and stay for lunch at $3.00/meal at the centers surrounding West Fork. 

Our recycling center is doing a wonderful community service.

The Garden Market is a great thing for us here and we need to support it aggressively.

Our parks system is a miracle considering the financial support the City allows.  My favorite is the River Park.

We live in a new technological era.   True, many of us are in the older generation and are challenged by computers, email, facebook and other new methods of sharing news and ideas.

Of the several websites portraying our city none do an adequate job.

I support an official website maintained by the city with links to the specialty websites.

Let’s make it easy to keep in touch with our goings-on here in West Fork.

I support a “Vicious Animal” ordinance to include the list of nationally recognized vicious animals (that includes pit bulls or Staffordshire terriers)

As a former landlord I discovered that my insurance rates on rental property were highly affected by my pet policies.  No, I do not support the “first bite “allowance under our present law. To me the first bite is equally as bad as the following bites on a child, our elderly or any citizen.

I think that for clarity a declaration of “Fireworks Ban” should include all classes of fireworks and closure of fireworks stands within the city during the ban.  If we have a “Burn Ban” that means no fires outside.  Exceptions should be made only for cooking units constantly monitored.

If you are still with me here, I would appreciate your vote.  I can be contacted at for discussions on my positions.

I welcome campaign contributions and support.

/S/ Fred Robinson



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