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WF Feb. Council Minutes (uapproved)


February 20, 2013 by wcobserver

City Council meeting minutes do not become the official record of the meeting until they are approved by a vote of the council at the following meeting.

These minutes were taken by City Clerk Marsha Hungate and not edited or proffed by the WCObserver.

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West Fork City Council
February 12, 2013
Voice Roll Call : Sarah Setzer, Anita Lowry, Charlie Rossetti, Ed Stout,
Shane Donahue, Bill Sergeant, Julie Shafer, Mayor Frances Hime, City
Clerk Marsha Hungate

Convened at 6:30 PM

City Attorney Tom Kieklak joined the meeting at 6:35 PM.

Invocation given by Mike Nelson, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Motion made by Stout to adopt the agenda.
2nd by Shafer
Motion carried

Motion made by Shafer to approve the Minutes of Regular Council Meeting
January 8th, 2013.
2nd by Sergeant
Motion carried

Motion made by Shafer to approve the Minutes of the Workshop January 24,
2nd by Sergeant
Motion carried

No comments or questions by Council.

Old Business:
1. City Prosecutor Application of Jason Boyeskie
Mayor stated her recommendation of approval for applicant but
reminded the Council that Mr. Boyeskie is temporary for 90 days and will
be at the March meeting, if they wanted to wait until then to make a
Motion made by Setzer to wait the 90 days
2nd by Nelson
Unapproved Page 2 of 5

Motion carried

2. West Fork Water and Sewer Initiative
Motion made by Mike Nelson to table the ballot initiative
dissolving the Water and Sewer Commission until a later date (no date
2nd by Ed Stout
Voice Vote was as follows:
Shane Donahue – Yes
Sarah Setzer – No
Charlie Rossetti – Yes
Ed Stout – Yes
Julie Shafer – Yes
Anita Lowry – Yes
Bill Sergeant – Yes
Mike Nelson – Yes
Motion Carried 7-1

3. Response to Legislative Audit Letter
Treasurer Kristie Drymon advised the Council that she had spoken
with the Auditor and gone over the letter. The Auditor told her no
response was needed, due to the actions of correction now being taken by
the City and that all of the problems were now being addressed in the
correct manner.
City Attorney advised the Council that he was sure the Auditor will
be watching for recurrence of violations over the next two years.
No further action needed or taken.

4. Trash A Way Contract with the City
Motion made by Shafer to accept the contract with Trash A Way
2nd by Rossetti
Motion carried 7-1 (Nay vote by Setzer and she requested it be in
the minutes she voted against)

5. Commissions and Committees
Mike Nelson presented to the Council a copy of Chapter 2.42.02
Creation of a City Police Commission.
Motion made by Nelson to have the City Attorney correct and bring
this up to current Arkansas Statue.
Unapproved page 3 of 5

2nd by Rossetti
Motion carried

Nelson then voiced opinion that he feels the Mayor should utilize the
Council members for Committees to check on things of concern, so that
problems can and will be dealt with in a timely manner, and corrections
made before they become a larger problem.

New Business:

1. Resolution 2013-03 Budget adjustment for 2012
Motion made by Shafer to approve Resolution 2013-03
2nd by Stout
Motion carried

2. Resolution 2013-04 Authorizing execution of documents for general
obligation loan bond
Motion made by Shafer to approve Resolution 2013-04
2nd by Rossetti
Motion carried

3. Resolution 2013-05 Intent regarding sewer system improvement project
Motion made by Shafer to approve Resolution 2013-05
2nd by Stout
Motion carried

4. State of the City by Mayor
Due to inclement weather occurring, the Mayor presented the Council
and audience with copies of her State of the City address. Mayor Hime
also announced the Grand Opening of Harp’s on February 20th at 8:45 and
encouraged everyone to attend.

5. West Fest – Proposed event for Mothers Day weekend with community.
Motion made by Rossetti to move item #7 (Court Questions) to item
#6 on the agenda, moving item #6 then to #7(Dairy Farm Road request).
2nd by Shafer
Motion carried

Unapproved page 4 of 5

6. Court Questions
City Attorney Tom Kieklak and Judge Jones both addressed the issue
of the State requesting money from the time pay through the court. Both
advised to contact our State Senator and Representatives voicing our

Butch Bartholomew asked City Attorney Tom Kieklak to represent and
be the attorney for the Bonds concerning the Water and Sewer project.
Kieklak agreed to do so.

7. Dairy Farm Road – request for information regarding annexation of
road and dissolution of Property Owners Association
Andy Bowman, a resident of James Place off of Dairy Farm Road asked
the City to accept maintenance of the street as is, not expecting
improvements at any certain date, but to maintain at least in its
current condition.
Bill Sergeant stated it would help emergency crews, such as fire
department vehicles, and ambulance. He also asked if it might be
considered in the County. Mayor Hime said the County does not show it to
be. Julie Shafer said that she would check on that at the County by
doing a search.
Motion made by Nelson to accept the request to maintain
responsibility of James Place off Dairy Farm Road to the standard it is
in at this time.
2nd by Stout
Motion carried

Open Forum:

Susan Cooney – asked the Council to address the idea of making at least
one council member/elected official a signer of the City checks. Someone
other than Butch Bartholomew and Kristie Drymon should be on the City
checks. She asked that it be placed on the March agenda for discussion.

Steve Winkler – addressed the Council regarding the Franchise Fees. The
city needs money, and the franchise fees can be a useful tool for the
city, a way to raise money. Building permits are half what other cities
charge, and should be raised. There is no impact fees on trucks and the
city will have to fix those streets. He asked that the City look at a
franchise tax as a source of revenue for the City.

Unapproved page 5 of 5

Charlie Rossetti – stated he would like to see the Council work together
on the agenda issues. To be more informed.

Caroline Smith Hamilton – expressed pleasure at seeing more respect
within the Council members and Mayor and encouraged them to work
together and get along.

Motion made by Donahue to adjourn
2nd by Shafer
Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM

____________________________ ______________________________
Marsha Hungate-City Clerk Mayor Frances Hime

Date Approved



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