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Editorial: Curious Clearing on Elkins Street


March 29, 2013 by wcobserver

For a couple of days a few weeks ago a crew of city workers with chain saws and heavy equipment cleared a fence line on Elkins Street in northeast West Fork.

The fence line is on property, coincidently, is owned by West Fork’s Ward 3 Council member Anita Lowry. There are several lingering questions about the project.

Is Elkins Street in the city limits? Is Elkins Street a county road, residential drive, private road?  Does the city maintain the street; how far?  Who authorized the job?  Why were so many trees removed? Why was the job done? How many relatives does Ms. Lowry have working for the city?  Did someone complain about limbs in the right of way?  Is there a complaint policy?  Was there a written complaint? How much did the job cost the city? Are they finished? Will they clear my fence line? Was the city business manager involved? Do I need reservation for coffee at the Big Table at Jakes?

Ward 3 Alderwoman Anita Lowry

Is the head of the street department a city employee? A paid volunteer? The town boss?

Does anybody really care?



  1. Jeanette Myers says:

    When you think about all of this it is FUNNY! A big joke. Everyone that holds an office should be embarrassed but instead they think they are really important- And the round table at Jake’s is where the decisions are made before the council meetings…they aren’t fooling anyone- except the tax payer.

  2. Susan Cooney says:

    Does Steve Winkler owe Ms. Lowry an apology?

  3. Susan Cooney says:

    Dear Editor, I care too. I look forward to the follow up story because it could be a completely reasonable, logical explanation for this fascinating story. Or, maybe people who are council members don’t get paid by us but maybe special perks are made available.

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