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Facebook Fury Fuels Fright


March 11, 2013 by wcobserver

Ouch.  Faulty fact checking on our part seems to have ignited a firestorm of wrath aimed at the Observer from facebookers. We posted a humorous editorial; (“Honey, Call Our Broker”) one that mentioned “humorous fabrication” and included a reprint of an article from a past April Fool edition (“West Fork Vote Dissolves City”).  The source of the intended fun was a bogus letter about am offer to buy West Fork’s city hall.

Although we called the number and talked to someone on the other end of the line we didn’t pursue a through in-depth Google investigation of the company.

However, one alert fact oriented citizen journalist reader did investigate and shared their findings on a facebook page.    It’s encouraging to know Observer readers are willing and able to check into what they read, not just in the Observer but from any media source.

The editorial writer (me) was attempting (without success, evidently) to use the “offer to buy” letter as a literary vehicle to point to obvious undesirable options for West Fork’s future. The “nuclear option,“ as it were.

If the idea of dissolving the town didn’t have, at least, some degree of plausibility, the suggestion implied by the You Tube links on facebook to clips of towns dissolving, would have been laughed away. It seems for some folks, it was scary.

Many West Fork citizens are experiencing a collective uneasiness about the town’s future.  Two thirds of them voted at the polls to endorse a substantial change in the structure of their local government. Seven of the eight elected officials who can make that change happen have abandoned them.  It’s not the first time the council has been out of touch with the majority of citizens.

Of course, the Observer doesn’t advocate dissolving the town and returning to county control. Just musing.

Perhaps, if we all just have nice positive thoughts, be friendly, play nice, and eat our vegetables, the city council will surely take good care of us.

 As Seen on Facebook:

Citizen Journalist: “Wall Street International” an illegal fax broadcaster

City Clerk: Its a SCAM Steve. Bless your heart! Just like thousands of other ‘businesses’ this letter was sent out to West Fork. Try not to be TOO disappointed that its just a scam and no underlying ‘conspiracy’ is going on. Don’t get the folks TOO worked up thinking West Fork is for SALE! lol….

City Clerk: good job Steve! ACCURATE information you put out for everyone! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

City Clerk: Im sorry folks. Im laughing so hard its difficult to type. All the hoopla about selling West Fork!!!

To [Observer Editor]  re the Wall Street International letter placed in the Council Packet. Hey Steve? GOOGLE is and can be a wonderful tool. The phon number you called to check on this? LOL…

City Clerk: Im sure had Steve waited til tomorrow night, it would have been explained but then we all know Steve…. he just runs with something lol…. good creative writing once again Steve!

City Clerk: Here is an example of one of the comments on the scam:
Fax from Wall Street International
They tried twice to reach me because they have a buyer for my business.
BEWARE: this company has been running this scam for years. Call them and you will find out that if you spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ythey will market your business to their special network.
Complete HOGWASH.

Planning Commission Secretary: This was brought up by Butch at an earlier Council Meeting advising that he had gotten the letter. He apparently thought, for “transparency” purposes, that the Council should see it.

City Clerk: Thank you, [Citizen Journalist] for advising the politics page [Observer post] of the scam.

City Clerk: They sometimes (usually) send by fax. And they’re based in Canada with ‘offices nationwide’ it says. It was placed in the packet because it was correspondence to the City, about the City. But it will be explained at the meeting tomorrow night as exactly what it is.

Comment from Dallas, Texas: West Fork, like every town, has both positive and negative aspects about it. However, the city is nowhere near the point that being dissolved into the county would be considered a rational option. Decisions about West Fork’s present and future are best left up to the citizens of West Fork, not the county.
If as much effort were put into bringing about positive change in West Fork through hands on, grassroots projects as is put into some of the negative, go nowhere posturing I see spammed on this site…West Fork would be a much better AND friendlier place.
There are those that thrive off discourse and upheaval…they are stumbling blocks to true progress and will never be satisfied. Find those that have the best interest of the town in mind and get to work…it’s that easy.


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