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West Fork Planning Commission April Minutes


April 29, 2013 by wcobserver

These minutes are prepared by Planning Commission Secretary Shyrlie Stout.

Unapproved Minutes Of Regular Meeting, April

18 April 2013

(immediately following Public Hearing)

CONVENE:  6:55 p.m.

ATTENDANCE:    Mike Landa__A__, Bob Staats_P__, Shyrlie Stout__P_, Clay Newcomb_P__,  Robin Staats_A__, Jackie Bonner_P___, Wes Eckles_P____.

Mr. Staats (vice chair) acting chair for tonight’s meeting.  Quorum in attendance.

MINUTES:   APPROVAL for March 21, 2013 regular meeting

Ms Bonner moved that we approve the minutes as sent, Mr. Newcomb seconded, all present approved.


1. Tim Taggart, 729 Dairy Farm Road, request for rezoning from C to R  – request withdrawn, no action taken

2. End of Term of Robin Staats (position 2)  Ms Staats had sent email stating she wished to be retained for a full term.  Ms Stout pointed out that the City Council had at one of their meetings, expressed concern regarding two persons in the same household serving on the same commission.  Mr. Staats said she speaks her own mind.

3. End of Term of Clay Newcomb (position 3)  Mr. Newcomb stated he does not wish to serve another term.  Ms. Stout said she would notify the Mayor and ask for the marquee to reflect that.

4. Schedule of Uses  Set June 6 (first Thursday) at 6:30 as a work session.


1.  Mike Landa, city clean-up    Mr. Landa not present, tabled,  no action taken. Commissioners discussed fact that citywide clean up would be in May.

2.  election of new secretary    No one expressed interest, tabled.

OTHER BUSINESS: public comments

Mr. Eckles reminded people there is a new medical clinic in town.  Ms Stout stated there are two other new businesses she knew of that had opened in the last few weeks.

No further discussions.

ADJOURN:  Wes Eckles moved for adjournment, Clay Newcomb seconded, all in favor.  Adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

Unapproved Minutes of Public Hearing

 Public Hearing for Rezoning Request

18 April 2013

CONVENE:   6:30 p.m.

ATTENDANCE:    Mike Landa__A__, Bob Staats_P__, Shyrlie Stout_P__, Clay Newcomb__P_,  Robin Staats_A__, Jackie Bonner__A__, Wesley Eckles_P__(arrived at 6:35).


Audience in attendance :  Jeff Hawkins (Regional Planning), Ed Stout, Bill Sargent, Tim Taggart, Mrs. Eckles, Steve Winkler, and two of the Newcomb children.

Mr. Staats (vice chair) serving as chair for the evening, quorum present

Ms Stout advised she had made the FOIA notification of meeting, Mr. Staats stated he had gotten his.


  1. Tim Taggart, 729 Dairy Farm Road, request for rezoning from R to C

Mr. Staats asked Mr. Taggart to come forward; Mr. Taggart did so and presented his completed paperwork.

Ms Stout asked if there was only one property adjoining his, Mr. Taggart explained that all other adjoining properties were in the county.

Mr. Newcomb asked if Mr. Taggart had considered requesting a Conditional Use Permit.  Mr. Taggart stated that since his property was in the Land Use as potential Commercial Property, that this was what he had decided to ask for.  He said that he understood we had no Light Commercial planning area.  He said his neighbor was concerned about what would possibly come in later under commercial zoning.

Ms Stout pointed out that under the new Home Occupation Ordinance, this should qualify.  She asked Mr. Hawkins if she was correct in this.  Mr. Hawkins stated as long as the use meets the criteria, then yes, it would.  He had provided Mr. Taggart with a copy of the criteria.

Mr. Taggart stated that looking over the qualifications, that he liked that option.  He stated he would prefer to go that way and not ask for a rezoning at this time.

Steve Winkler asked to come forward.  He stated he feels the property should be rezoned and that we should follow the future plan use.

ADJOURN:    6:55 p.m



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