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  1. West Fork Planning Commission Minutes, May Meeting


    May 24, 2013 by wcobserver

    [This copy of the minutes was emailed to the Observer. Any citizen can have them emailed to them. All meetings are subject to Arkansas Freedom of Information laws.] Unapproved Minutes [Minutes are approved at the next meeting and become the official record of the proceedings.]  16 May 2013  CONVENE: 6:30 ATTENDANCE:    Mike Landa__P__, Bob Staats_P__, Shyrlie Stout_P__, Clay Newcomb__A_,  Robin Staats_P__, Jackie Bonner_P___, Wes Eckles_P____. Audience members : Paula Caudle, Bill Sergeant, Ed Stout, Frances Hime, Bill Griffith


  2. Editorial: Campaign Promises Fade Fast


    May 19, 2013 by wcobserver

    It’s a story as old as the stump speech; as predictable as a photo op and handshake.  The candidate for public office musters all his/her sincerity, looks the voter straight in the eye and makes a promise. It’s always something the voter wants to hear. Something the candidate hopes will drive the vote into her camp. Then, at some point after the election when the political emphasis turns from the pre election excitement to the mundane world of day-to-day governing the promise that seemed so useful in winning votes often becomes yesterdays news and is relegated to the back pages of public interest. It happens at every level of electoral politics. National politics, of course, gets the brightest spotlight on campaign promises and their breakage. Sometimes the public seems concerned, other times, not so much. It’s a moot issue anyway. The candidate got into office and one broken promise is not likely to unseat them.  It’s just part of the game. Local politics is a reflection of national politics. State houses, county courthouses and yes, city halls are not without their own campaign promise breakers. Take West Fork. for example.


  3. West Fork Council Minutes May 14


    May 16, 2013 by wcobserver

    West Fork City Council Minutes (unapproved until June meeting.) May 14th, 2013 Prior to the meeting Public Service announcements were made by the following: Jane Bryant, with the Washington County Extension Agency Master Gardeners announced a Rain Garden Walk-About to be held June 8th, 2013. The West Fork Master Gardeners have created 3 Rain Gardens in one year, at the Library, the Elementary School, and the Renewable Resource Center. The Washington County Master Gardeners presented the West Fork Library with an award for their Rain Garden. Shyrlie Stout announced that the West Fork School will have free breakfast and lunch through the Summer for children up to age 18. She encouraged parents to attend with their child if they would like to.


  4. West Fork’s Ferrell Commits To Ozarks


    May 9, 2013 by wcobserver

    Clarksville, Ark.-West Fork High School basketball standout Josh Ferrell will continue his basketball career at the University of the Ozarks, it was announced by Ozarks’ Head Men’s Basketball Coach Doug Boxell. Ferrell, a 6-foot-1 guard, averaged 22.0 points, 6.9 assists and 5.3 steals per game as a senior while earning All-State, All-Region and All-Conference honors. Ferrell hit 90 three-point shots during the season and owns the Arkansas Activity Association record in most career steals (383), most steals in a season (181) and three-pointers in a quarter (6). He finishes his career as a three-time All-Conference performer and a two-time All-Region player. He was also selected to play in the 2013 Arkansas High School Coaches Association All-Star Basketball Game scheduled for June.


  5. Job Discriptions: Utilities Super. and Business Mgr.


    May 5, 2013 by wcobserver

    Below are job descriptions for West Fork Utilities Superintendent and Business Manager. They are not dated but are the most recent we could find. The function of Treatment Plant management will cease when the Sewer Line, currently under construction, is connected to Fayetteville. The job title of “business manager” was eliminated by the mayor last year. Both positions are held by Michael “Butch” Bartholomew who is paid by the Water Commission, an autonomous, enterprise entity whose unelected commissioners are approved by the city council. In his other capacities he works as a unpaid “volunteer.”