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Job Discriptions: Utilities Super. and Business Mgr.


May 5, 2013 by wcobserver

Below are job descriptions for West Fork Utilities Superintendent and Business Manager.

Michael “Butch” Bartholomew

They are not dated but are the most recent we could find. The function of Treatment Plant management will cease when the Sewer Line, currently under construction, is connected to Fayetteville. The job title of “business manager” was eliminated by the mayor last year. Both positions are held by Michael “Butch” Bartholomew who is paid by the Water Commission, an autonomous, enterprise entity whose unelected commissioners are approved by the city council. In his other capacities he works as a unpaid “volunteer.”



  1. Jim Power says:

    and friend Steve , you can take this down as soon as you see it. But , concerned citizen , you want to “whip some ass?” Grab hold of mine if you want…..been there, had that tried….still here.

  2. Jim Power says:

    I see that one of my comments did not make the cut. That’s alright , Steve. I understand why. It is just such a shame that someone has the opinion that he can support a person or city gov. that is corrupt. Seems as though running a town such as West Fork would be so simple.I am sure I will get opinions that differ from that point. But why ? You have elected officials , that work for those that elected them , doing what they know is right ? If there is a question, then put it to the voters. If there is a person that is not elected by the citizens , then why would he or she have anything to say about the outcome on what happens in the town. In fact, how could he or she walk around town like they were in charge , when they knew that was not the fact ! How can you look your fellow citizens in the face , unless those fellow citizens have something to be gained by your stolen power. Wake up and stand up West Fork !!!! Do what is right and if there are those not doing that….then send them on their way. And….if there are those those that back others that abuse power …send them one their way too. Shine shoes somewhere else..

  3. Jim Power says:

    Concerned Citizen , your comment rubs me the wrong way ! You make threats , but yet you are too much of a coward to use your real name ! Internet Rhambo !!! You can be tuff sitting at that keyboard , can’t you ! But , you’re a coward !!! Were you or are you , the sweaty fat guy in high school that had been held back a few years and had every one bluffed cause you kicked some little guys butt ? HA HA …what a joke you must be .Think I will find out who you are and post your name. Hope you get grounded , you little piece of crap !

  4. Jim Power says:

    Wow , concerned citizen , ever been to jail ? Big guy with a gun will take you by the arm , take you to a cell and shut and lock the door. How old are you …..16 ? Better watch what you write and better watch what you say . Hope to read about you in the police report …..

  5. Bob Smith says:

    If you can’t win em over with logic and reason, threaten them? “A good old fashioned ass kicking”? Sounds like an assault charge to me Steve. Maybe terroristic threatening? Definitely a bully.Maybe a call to the sheriff’s office is in order.

  6. Another Concerned Citizen says:

    Concerned Citizen- Your a stupid redneck- Butch Bartholomew will have to jump ship one day or work. Just because tax paying citizens are wanting our city offices run the way they are supposed to be and people are tired of the “good ole boy system” you threaten a newspaper journalist….OMG-HOW FOOLISH YOU ARE AND MAKE THE REST OF THE WEST FORK OFFICE HOLDERS JUST AS BAD!!

  7. Jane Zenor says:

    Will this ever end? Will there be a sequal? Does Mr. Bartholomew have any supporters, or just observers? If he is relieved of his duties what will he do?

  8. Concerned citizen says:

    You are a total horses ass Steve winkler. Get over it you little whiny vagina. What you need is a good old fashioned ass kickin. I hope you get it too. I hope it’s good enough to wire that jaw of yours shut and hopefully they’ll break your hands while they’re at it for the good of all us. Find a different day job because you’re a crappy journalist. You’re a waste of space.

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