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West Fork Council Minutes May 14


May 16, 2013 by wcobserver

West Fork City Council Minutes (unapproved until June meeting.)
May 14th, 2013

Prior to the meeting Public Service announcements were made by the following:
Jane Bryant, with the Washington County Extension Agency Master Gardeners announced a Rain Garden Walk-About to be held June 8th, 2013. The West Fork Master Gardeners have created 3 Rain Gardens in one year, at the Library, the Elementary School, and the Renewable Resource Center. The Washington County Master Gardeners presented the West Fork Library with an award for their Rain Garden.
Shyrlie Stout announced that the West Fork School will have free breakfast and lunch through the Summer for children up to age 18. She encouraged parents to attend with their child if they would like to.

Members Present: Sarah Setzer, Charlie Rossetti, Mike Nelson, Ed Stout, Shane Donahue, Bill Sergeant, Attorney Tom Kieklak, City Clerk Marsha Hungate, Mayor Frances Hime
Meeting convened at 6:34 PM
Invocation by Mike Nelson, followed by the Pledge of Allegience

Motion made by Stout to adopt the agenda
2nd by Donahue
Motion Carried

Motion made by Setzer to approve the April minutes
2nd by Stout
Motion Carried

1. Court –No questions or comments
2. Library – No questions or comments
3. Planning Commission – Shyrlie Stout reported there is still an opening on the Commission and they haven’t had time to meet and discuss a recommendation to the Council. They will meet Thursday, May 16th and will have a recommendation at the June Council Meeting.
4. Police Department –No questions or comments
5. Streets and Utilities – Butch Bartholomew presented a congratulatory letter to the Council showing that Kristie Drymon had completed training through ACCRTA (Arkansas City Clerks, Recorders, Treasurers Association), and was now a Certified Arkansas Municipal Clerk.
Butch reminded the Council of the Spring Clean Up scheduled for May 17th Unapproved Page 2 of 4


Sarah Setzer questioned Butch about the water loss showing on reports. Butch said they were working on the problems and hoped to soon see improvement in water loss.

Mayor Hime asked if Butch was planning a new accounting system that would assist in the recovery of overdue (60+ days) accounts. Bartholomew advised the Council that they do send those accounts to a collection agency, and that the State was working on getting a system in effect that would show balances due in every water department in the State. They would not be allowed to have water service until that past due balance was paid in full. Kristie Drymon advised the Council that the biggest problem is that these are renters that move and then use other names to get service connected elsewhere.

Alderman Donahue asked Butch if they any closer to an agreement with the property owner that was not cooperating. Bartholomew said it was still being worked out.

Alderman Rossetti asked if Butch would start putting an actual name on the building permits, and attaching a small map with the location of the permit request. Bartholomew said he would start doing that.

6. Parks- Mike Landa advised the Council that the swings and playground at Riverside Park were rundown and neglected and the some of the swing seats needed replacing . He offered to reimburse the City if they would replace them. Butch Bartholomew stated that there were extra new seats and he would see that they were replaced.
7. Renewable Resource Center – Alderman Nelson asked the Mayor for update on plaque to honor Paul Libor. Mayor said it had been decided that a Magnolia Tree would be planted and a plaque put at the tree.
8. Fire Department – No questions, no comments.
9. Treasurer – No questions, no comments.
10. Mayor- Website Update –Alderman Rossetti asked the Mayor when the website will be launched. Mayor responded June 1st is the date set at this time. Alderman Rossetti said he would like to see the website designer come to a meeting to answer questions since it’s taken so long to be active. It was begun in March 2011. The Mayor said there have been some circumstances that have taken time to resolve. The website will have 5 pages but one page is devoted to the Privacy Statement, leaving only 4 pages of use.

Unapproved Page 3 of 4

1. Resolution to Adopt Hazard Materials Agreement
Motion made by Donahue to pass Resolution #2013-06
2nd by Sergeant
Motion Carried

2. Council Workshop Report and Schedule of future meeting RE: Structuring and Organizational Chart
Alderman Nelson said no date has yet been set for the next workshop meeting.
3. Community Church Proposal from Kenny Miller
Mayor Hime advised the Council that Kenny Miller had offered to sell the church building to the City for a nominal fee, but with the understanding that the City preserve its heritage by keeping it intact and not altering the building.
City Attorney, Tom Kieklak, advised the Council to examine and give great thought to this. Due to the building’s age, and condition, and the stipulation of its usage, something “free can be very expensive”.
Carl Underhill spoke to the Council, saying he thinks the City should take the building if offered.

Motion made by Alderman Nelson to have Butch Bartholomew do a report on the building, the lot, and anything he can find about it, and present that report to the Council in June.
2nd by Stout
Motion Carried

4. Wi-Fi Funding Request for the Community Center- Request of $295.00 presented to the Council to install Wi-Fi at the Community Center, hooking into the State Revenue Department system.

Michelle Winkler stated that it would be a great assistance to speakers doing programs for the elderly such as medical presentations, educational presentations, etc.
Paula Caudle expressed a wish that the Council do this to assist in any program that would be a service to the City.

Questions were raised about fees and monthly costs of the Wi-Fi. The Mayor will check into that and present it to the Council in June.

5. Council and Department Heads Budget Education Meeting – There will be a meeting with Kristie Drymon after the Regular Council Meeting June 11th and Council meeting will try to run no later than 8:30 pm to accommodate.

Unapproved Page 4 of 4

6. Updated City Clerk Job Description – Mayor Hime presented an updated job description of the City Clerk position.
Motion made by Donahue to approve the updated job description for City Clerk
2nd by Setzer
Motion Carried

7. Re-appointment of Robin Wilson-Staats to Planning Commission – Planning Commission will meet and bring their recommendation to the Council at the June meeting.
8. West Fork Watershed Cleanup on May 25th, 2013 –
Motion made by Stout to waive the Pavillion Fee for the Cleanup
2nd by Donahue
Motion Carried

With no further New Business, motion was made by Donahue to adjourn, 2nd by Sergeant.
Motion Carried




  1. Marsha Hungate says:

    Susan~ Jane only named the 3 gardens, 1/The West Fork Library 2/ West Fork Elementary School and 3/ The Recycling Center. I asked the Mayor yesterday about a route and she told me there will be stations set around directing people and offering information. If you’d like the brochure for the rain gardens, you can come by City Hall and see if any are left. The Mayor may have more of them. Alderman Nelson said there was no date set yet for another workshop meeting regarding the Organizational Workshop. I will notify the public when they let me know a date. If you’d like a copy of the Clerk’s Job Description send me an email and when the Mayor has the final draft drawn up I will be happy to send you a copy of it. 🙂 And you’re welcome.

  2. Susan Cooney says:

    I wonder what the new clerk description is, and did Mr. Nelson say anything about the Organizational Workshop? What did Jane say about the Walk A Bout, well there be a map of the route for us to see? Thanks to the Clerk for putting something out so quick.

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