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West Fork Planning Commission Minutes, May Meeting


May 24, 2013 by wcobserver

[This copy of the minutes was emailed to the Observer. Any citizen can have them emailed to them. All meetings are subject to Arkansas Freedom of Information laws.]

Unapproved Minutes

[Minutes are approved at the next meeting and become the official record of the proceedings.]

 16 May 2013

 CONVENE: 6:30

ATTENDANCE:    Mike Landa__P__, Bob Staats_P__, Shyrlie Stout_P__, Clay Newcomb__A_,  Robin Staats_P__, Jackie Bonner_P___, Wes Eckles_P____.

Audience members : Paula Caudle, Bill Sergeant, Ed Stout, Frances Hime, Bill Griffith

Ms Stout advised FOIA notifications went out.

MINUTES:   APPROVAL for April 18, 2013 public hearing APPROVAL for April 18, 2013 regular meeting

Mr. Eckles moved that all minutes be approved as presented, Mr. Staats seconded, all in favor,




1. Vote for reinstatement for position 2 (Robin Staats)

Mr. Landa said that Ms Staats should not vote and that Mr. Staats should abstain from voting.

Ms Stout stated she has had people express concern with family members living in same household serving on the same commission.  Feels it looks bad and could be an issue with FOIA. Mr. Staats said this should not be an issue.

Ms Hime (mayor) stated she has confidence in the integrity of all the commissioners.

Mr. Staats stated this is harassment and it will stop here.

Ms Bonner stated she agrees that Ms Staats should remain on commission.

Mr. Eckles stated it was not our position to set rules.

Mr. Sargeant said he has spoken with Jeff Hawkins (Regional Planning) and that there has been no Arkansas ruling against this so it was up to the City Council.  It is legal.

Mr. Landa stated he had no problem with Ms Staats serving and called for vote.

Vote was 3 for, 1 against.  Secretary will send recommendation to mayor.

2. Speak with possible new member(s) for position 3

Mr. Landa asked for anyone in the audience to come forward.

Mr. Griffith, south McKnight Street came forward.  Stated he has been living there since

1994.  Has done construction, currently builds bridges.  When asked what he wishes would happen in the city, stated it should “grow up” and quit arguing over petty stuff.

When asked what improvements he feels should be done, stated he feels Harp’s was good improvement and want to “go forward”.  Was asked if he holds an Arkansas contractor license, stated he formerly did.

No opposition from the audience.

Mr. Landa made motion we send recommendation for Mr. Griffith to be appointed to

Planning Commission, Mr. Eckles seconded, all in favor, passed.  Secretary to send recommendation to mayor.

3. Schedule of Uses work session scheduled for June 6

 Members reminded to attend if possible .

  4. volunteers for secretary

 Ms Staats presented letter stating she would be willing to serve as secretary.  Says she could start doing it “in stages”.

Ms Stout made motion to accept Ms Staats “contingent on approval of reappointment by

City Council.  Mr. Landa seconded, all in favor.



1.  Wes Eckles – code enforcement


Mr. Eckles wants a part-time code enforcement officer hired.

Mayor Hime spoke about re-education of PD so they will know codes to be enforced.

Wants time to do that.  Invited Mr. Eckles to visit with her about this.

Mr. Eckles withdrew his request.  No action taken.

OTHER BUSINESS: public comments

Ms Caudle spoke about portable garages (carports), there is no regulation on these and no

permits required.  Wants us to think about how to regulate them.

Mr. Eckles made motion to adjourn, Mr. Staats seconded, all in favor.



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