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WF Planning Commission June Meeting Minutes


June 27, 2013 by Steve Winkler

Unapproved Minutes

20 June, 2013

CONVENE:   6:30 p.m.

ATTENDANCE:    Mike Landa__A__, Bob Staats_A__, Shyrlie Stout_P__, Jackie Bonner_P___, Wes Eckles__P___, Bill Griffith__P___.    Quorum present

Audience in attendance; Ed Stout and Scott Oliver

 Ms Stout acting chair in absence of chair and vice-chair.

 FOIA notice sent? Yes, on June 18, 2013

WELCOME:  Bill Griffith to Commission

Was given copy of Freedom of Information Handbook, will be given Planning Commission handbook ASAP

MINUTES:   APPROVAL for May 15, 2013 regular meeting

Ms Bonner moved to accept minutes as sent, Mr. Griffith seconded, all in favor; passed.


ENTER INTO RECORD June 6, 2013 work session notes

Ms Bonner moved to enter the work session notes into the record, Mr. Griffith seconded, all in favor; passed.



1. Zoning regulations, ideas?

Ms Stout advised that Jeff Hawkins (Regional Planning Commission) will take the ideas we had at the work session and make those changes to working document.  He will then contact us when he’s available for another work session.


1.  Applicant(s) for position #2

Scott Oliver, 307 McGhee Street came forward.  Saw the notice on the marquee. Built new house about 1 year ago.  Married, 1 child.  Air National Guard, works out of Fort Smith airport.  Moved from Fort Smith, lived in Fayetteville while house built.  Graduated from WF High, has bachelors degree in organizational management.  Serves as secretary for union.  Reasons for wanting to serve; interested in municipal administration, bothered by trash, bad parking, likes seeing things run well, is not a complainer.  Graduated from WF HS in 1990 and has a vested interest in community.

Mr Eckles moved to refer applicant for position on Planning Commission, Ms Bonner seconded, all in favor. (4:0)

Ms Stout said she would send the recommendation to the mayor for possible appointment.

OTHER BUSINESS: public comments

Mr. Oliver asked if there had been any problems associated with the new power lines.  Ms Stout said she had only heard good comments regarding getting more power to the city.  Mr. Oliver said he had been really excited when he heard Harps was coming.  Had noticed a lot of positive growth to West Fork when he moved back.

No other comments.



ADJOURN:    Mr. Eckles moved to adjourn, Ms Bonner seconded, all in favor; adjourned at 6:47 p.m.

Steve Winkler

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