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July 30, 2013 by wcobserver

At each West Fork city council meeting a two minute segment of time is allotted for members of the audience to address the council.

The following is the full text of comments addressed to the council at the July meeting by Steve Winkler, a West Fork resident and publisher of this web site.

“I’d like to take my two minutes to address two issues having to do with Mr. Bartholomew’s job performance.  We got a new web site and we’re getting new telephones; we’re entering the new digital age. The Mayor is taking us forward and bringing us into this century and a lot of people find it amazing that the highest paid, the longest time employee, (the one who isn’t actually a city employee, works for the water commission but he’s a volunteer for the street department), actually doesn’t know how to use this digital technology. He doesn’t use email, can’t do a simple internet search. So I’m wondering if someone might make a suggestion that he bring himself up to the standards of the city with his digital skills.

The second thing is that a lot of people are concerned about the inordinate amount of time Mr. Bartholomew spends at Jake’s Pizza Parlor. Everybody knows, it’s common knowledge, it’s at least two or three hours a day, some people say he’s down there four hours a day. I’ve driven by. One of the council members is owner of the place. I don’t know if he ever mentions to Mr. Bartholomew that maybe you ought to go back to work. I’ve mentioned this to Mr. Bartholomew, I’ve mentioned it to him at the pizza joint.

Why is he sitting there for two or three hours a day? One of two things; there’s not enough work for him to do in the city for his 85 thousand dollars. If he can accomplish that in 3-4 hours time in city hall without ever using a computer, the guy’s some kind of organizational wizard. He should be writing a book on how to accomplish this. Or, we’re getting short changed. We’re paying money… of course he doesn’t account to you [the council]. But those things are going to change when the ordinance comes around to abolish the water commission as it is now. I don’t think there is anybody on here that can tell him anything. According to the law he doesn’t answer to this council.


Mike Nelson: I would like to clarify. I do not own Jakes Pizza, I have nothing to do with Jakes Pizza except drink coffee there.

Winkler:  I must be mistaken, sorry.

Nelson:   That’s the absolute truth. I don’t run the business nor do I own the building

The office of West Fork’s Utility Superintendent.


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  1. Joan Wright says:

    About your photo of Butch’s office: it’s rare to see a professional’s desk without a computer on it. Perhaps a laptop, that might be tucked in a drawer when not in use, or under his arm when he’s out-n-about — but we know that is not the case here. I think it would be well worth the time and funds for the Water Commission to pay for and send him to computer workshops so he can begin his journey into the 21st century. Of course, then they should have to provide a computer system and software for his use as their superintendent. In order for him to more effectively and efficiently perform his duties. And give him something to do apart from spending so much time at Jake’s, because once he discovers how cool “surfing” the Internet is, he’ll be hard put to drag himself away! Hmmm… On second thought… [Steve – feel free to edit out that last part!]

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