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  1. West Fork City Council August Minutes


    August 27, 2013 by wcobserver

    Unapproved Page 1 of 9 MINUTES Regular Council Meeting August 13, 2013 Meeting convened at 6:32 PM Invocation was given by Mayor Hime, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Members Present: Shane Donahue, Sarah Setzer, Charles Rossetti, Anita Lowry, Bill Sergeant, Mike Nelson, City Attorney Tom Kieklak, Mayor Frances Hime, City Clerk Marsha Hungate. Members Absent: Ed Stout, Julie Shafer


  2. Gazebo Gone, What’s Next?


    August 26, 2013 by wcobserver

    gazebo footprint

      A little taste of charm disappeared recently from West Fork’s architectural landscape. The gazebo that for many years adorned the park at the Frank Wenzel Community Center was demolished and hauled away. It fell victim to neglect. City officials said it had become structurally unsound and posed a hazard for the children that played there. 


  3. Water/Wastewater Survey-West Fork Response


    August 24, 2013 by wcobserver

    jpeg pg 1

    Staff Report There is a stack of 8×10, 52 page blue booklets on the table in front of the council’s table in the conference room at city hall titled: “2012 Water/Wastewater Survey” published by the Arkansas Municipal League. It lists the responses to a 47 question survey about municipal water and wastewater. The information was gathered from 275 of the 500  Arkansas municipalities and categorized by first class, second class cities and incorporated towns.


  4. Fix the Streets and Sidewalks


    August 12, 2013 by wcobserver

    Sidewalk on McKnight Street

    By Steve Winkler I share Susan Cooney’s frustration expressed on the Planning Commission facebook page about the condition of the streets and sidewalks in our town. Unlike neighboring communities West Fork seems to not have realized the importance of being pedestrian friendly, both in safety terms and in keeping up with changing lifestyles. The most cited reason for the lack of attention to streets and sidewalks given by the Street Department is that these roads are controlled by the state and we’re helpless. My experience as a citizen, newspaper editor and community activist suggests otherwise. A couple of years ago the three bridges between West Fork and Winslow were rebuilt. I interviewed highway department officials about that project and found them accessible and helpful. Along that stretch of “scenic bypass,”  a mile south of West Fork was a large, unsightly, unsanitary mobile home graveyard. We helped bring attention to it and questioned the county official’s explanation that nothing could be done because it was on a state roadway. Over several months of conversations with Washington County Environmental Office, Boston Mountain Solid Waste, Arkansas Highway. and Transportation Department in Little Rock and Harrison and the county attorney it was determined that, …


  5. Things are Always Cook’n at Winslow


    August 10, 2013 by wcobserver

    Community kitchen at Ozark Folkways

    Whether you call it social capital or community sprite there seems to be plenty of it in the village and hills around Winslow, Arkansas. The town without a school, in the corner of county bubbles with creativity, energy and projects that keep the little community not just alive, but exuberant. If a Christmas Parade, Winfest, Forth Fireworks, Labor Day Picnic, Farmers Market, Community Meals, Half Marathan Run, Free Little Libraries, Recycling, Monthly Newsletter, Community Theater aren’t enough now they have a community kitchen. Here is a report by Rebecca Buchanan from Ozark Folkways about the new kitchen. Dear Friends of Folkways, I am proud to share the amazing “ongoing” creation story of the “Adair Ford Levine Rural Community Kitchen”  at Ozark Folkways. I say ongoing, because we are not done yet! I am, happy to say, we are inching closer each day to our dream, multi-use, rural community teaching kitchen. As amazing as you will  find the collaborative nature of this endeavor, the effort, as I said, is ongoing, so the document you are viewing does not contain a complete listing of the gifts of time, energy and money donated. That changes every week. And that is EXCITING! We would like it …