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Things are Always Cook’n at Winslow


August 10, 2013 by wcobserver

Whether you call it social capital or community sprite there seems to be plenty of it in the village and hills around Winslow, Arkansas. The town without a school, in the corner of county bubbles with creativity, energy and projects that keep the little community not just alive, but exuberant.

If a Christmas Parade, Winfest, Forth Fireworks, Labor Day Picnic, Farmers Market, Community Meals, Half Marathan Run, Free Little Libraries, Recycling, Monthly Newsletter, Community Theater aren’t enough now they have a community kitchen.

Here is a report by Rebecca Buchanan from Ozark Folkways about the new kitchen.

Dear Friends of Folkways,

Community kitchen at Ozark Folkways

I am proud to share the amazing “ongoing” creation story of the “Adair Ford Levine Rural Community Kitchen”  at Ozark Folkways. I say ongoing, because we are not done yet! I am, happy to say, we are inching closer each day to our dream, multi-use, rural community teaching kitchen.

As amazing as you will  find the collaborative nature of this endeavor, the effort, as I said, is ongoing, so the document you are viewing does not contain a complete listing of the gifts of time, energy and money donated. That changes every week. And that is EXCITING!

We would like it very much if you would consider Ozark Folkways YOUR destination, for arts, crafts, music, and fun! You name it, and we will help you create it.

Need a special handcrafted Ozark’s gift?  Chances are we have it, and we ship all over the world.

Of course you don’t have to live in Winslow, Arkansas, to be a part of the family. We have friends all over the world, who support us with words of encouragement, gifts of time, and financial gifts. We treasure each one of you, where ever you call home.

We are currently gearing up for our annual Fiber Arts Festival, Saturday October 12th from 10 a.m. -4 p.m. in Winslow and a concert in the  BIG woods, (to be announced soon! Drum-roll . . .) on our “Crow’s Nest” outdoor stage at Ozark Folkways.

We are so excited about the future and we want you to be a part of it!  If you haven’t joined us already, please consider becoming a Friend of Folkways

My best, to each and every one of you.

We’re Keeping the Dream Alive Together!

Rebecca Buchanan, Director, Ozark Folkways




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  1. Dorothy Fritch Richey says:

    Winslow is my place of birth and no matter where I go you go with me as my journeys beginning. I have the “Observer” on my FB page and keep attune to the happenings. Plus I have a whole passel of relatives living there. I live in Washington state but there is a tie in my heart to those hills that time of circumstance can’t seem to change. I am all for your new folkways. Winslow is a unique town. Not a lot of big business but good ole participation and cooperation of down home people. I love it. I WISH YOU ALL SUCCESS!

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