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Water/Wastewater Survey-West Fork Response


August 24, 2013 by wcobserver

Staff Report

There is a stack of 8×10, 52 page blue booklets on the table in front of the council’s table in the conference room at city hall titled: “2012 Water/Wastewater Survey” published by the Arkansas Municipal League. It lists the responses to a 47 question survey about municipal water and wastewater. The information was gathered from 275 of the 500  Arkansas municipalities and categorized by first class, second class cities and incorporated towns.

West Fork did not submit answers to the survey questions so is not included in the data. An official with the AML confirmed that West Fork did not respond to the survey.
The information is useful in comparing a town with towns of similar size.
The Washington County Observer obtained a copy of the survey questionnaire and presented it to Utilities Superintendent Bartholomew and requested it be completed and the responses be made available to the public.

He completed and returned the questionnaire and included a note explaining: “The League survey never made it to our office or was not given to correct office, Respectfully, Michael E. Bartholomew.”

We are making it available to the public.

The Municipal League survey results can be viewed online at this link:

Below is West Fork’s response.



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