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Firehouse Fuels Artistic Passion


September 29, 2013 by wcobserver

The West Fork Firehouse, besides serving as home to fire trucks and emergency vehicles, has an eight hundred square foot room used primarily for training and meetings. Entrance is through an unmarked door on the east side of the building facing the alley.

If you enter that door on any Wednesday from 9-2 you’ll find yourself at the regular weekly gathering of the “Wednesday Firehouse Art Club.”

The group began about twenty years ago under the leadership of June Roberts. For the first five years they met in the basement of the Presbyterian Church before moving to the firehouse. As many as fifteen people once attended the weekly sessions. One member described the beginning years saying, “They gave you a board, gave you some colors and you get going.” There is no instructor, members help each other.

Now there are about 7-8 regulars including Sippy Cook, Cornelia Owens, Sandra Dearing, Mary Talbert, Joyce Horne, ninety year old Norma Harrison and her daughter Sharon Underhill.

The purpose of the club is simple.  They help each other by encouraging and supporting ones effort in the visual arts. Whether it be watercolor, oil, acrylics, pen and ink, pencil, pastels, charcoal or decorative painting, and artists can feel free to work in a supportive environment where, as one member remarked, “No one criticizes other work unless asked to comment.”

The club is open to the public and asks for a five dollar a month fee for art supplies.




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