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Editorial: Public Forum Rant – October 2013


October 15, 2013 by wcobserver

The October meeting was dominated with discussions of wage and hour problems created by Mr. Bartholomew, uncertainty as to the status of the Parks  department in the city organizational chart and a proposal by Alderman Sergeant to “legitimize” the position of business manager.

Each meeting has two minutes of designated time set aside for citizen comments.

Mayor Hime: The chair recognizes Mr. Winkler, we can count on you.

I’d like to remind people, it’s easy to forget things.  In your effort here at reorganizing  and  changing… trying to make Mr. Bartholomew the business manager, those sorts of things. You’re trying to figure out the accountability… what’s going on in the city. The words “separate entities” have come up again. You have the “separate entity” the water, now you have the “separate entity” the parks   You’re trying to figure how the whole thing works

I want to remind you of something. A year ago in November 2012, two thirds of the electorate of West Fork went to the polls and they told you to dissolve that water commission and make the water commission part of the city; two thirds of the voters. Alright there’s a little legal wrinkle because those people didn’t write the ordinance. The ordinance has been written for months, you can go look at it. We have the ordinance.

It’s about once a week someone comes to me and says, can I sign up to get that on the petition? We need 120 signatures, ordinance attached, it goes on there, it comes before the voters again and to use Tom Kieklak’s words we’re going to shove it down your throat. It’s going to be the law. So, in your planning, you might keep in mind that if you think the citizens of West Fork – two-thirds of them, are going to walk away from what they instructed you to do a year ago, you’re delusional. So in your planning you might want to keep that in mind, because when that goes to the vote, when that’s passed, it’s a different ball game here.

That will be the biggest thing to make the city all one unit. Then you can figure out what to do with the Parks. But now you’ve got these freelancers, these ”independent entities” and you wonder what’s going on…cant figure out the organizational chart,  can’t figure out who’s responsible to who.

The citizens of West Fork, the voters, know how to fix this.What they need is council members who will listen to them.

Thank you.



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