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Fiber Arts Fair 2013


October 21, 2013 by wcobserver

Ozark Folkways’ annual Fabric Fair was held October 12. As usual the fabric art was fabulous. First Place in Crochet: Clair Detels; First Place Weaving: Debra DuBois, Best of Show, Lace, Pessy Bowey. Judie Sizemore, Needle Point. [other winners will be listed in the comments, hopefully]

Music was by East of Zion, a local group from out east of the Zion community and the Woosley Church Community Singers.(they’re from over around Woosley) Beautiful sounds filled the fall air.

If you have more information for the community, feel free to use comment space at the end of the article. [The WCO is a little short on reporters.]



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  1. Patty snell says:

    The winner of the Best in show at the Fiber arts Fair at Ozark Folkways was Peggy Bowen (teacher at West fork) not Pessy bowie as reported. It took her 6 years to complete this beautiful bobbin lace example.

    Cresent and Crowe provided a wonderful evening of wit and talent. Especially poignant was their eldercare comments. so close to home U saw tears in the audience as well as my own.

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