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WF October City Council Meeting Minutes


October 16, 2013 by wcobserver

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Regular Council Meeting

October 8th, 2013

6:30 PM

INVOCATION given by Brian Bowerman, Pastor of Unity Covenant Church, West Fork, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


VOICE ROLL CALL ALDERMEN: Sarah Setzer, Charlie Rossetti, Ed Stout, Julie Shafer, Bill Sergeant, Mike Nelson, Shane Donahue, City Attorney Tom Kieklak, City Clerk Marsha Hungate, Mayor Frances Hime

ABSENT: Anita Lowry

ADOPTION OF AGENDA: Mayor requested Council to make a motion to add to the agenda, under New Business, discussion of an Ordinance and Resolution in Butch Bartholomew’s packet regarding “Planning area and map approval”.


Motion made by Shafer to amend the agenda to include the Ordinance and Resolution regarding “Planning area and map approval”.

2nd by Stout

Motion Carried


Motion made by Rossetti to move Item’s #3 “Mayors Update Grant award, Telephones, Computer services, WiFi Security, and server security,#4 “Organizational Chart“ and #5,”Schedule Organizational Chart Workshop”, from New Business to Old Business, since they’ve been addressed before.

2nd by Shafer

Motion Carried


Bill Sergeant asked to speak on Item #2 under Old Business.


Motion made by Rossetti to adopt the agenda

2nd by Shafer

Motion Carried


Motion made by Shafer to approve the September Minutes

2nd by Donahue

Page 2 of


Motion Carried.


State Representative Justin Harris made a presentation to Robert Staats, in recognition of his father, Ellis Lansing Staats, for his service to our country. Mr. Staats was a member of the US Navy 1947-1953, served abroad the USS Carrier  Roosevelt. He served 19 years active duty.

Robert Staats was presented with a plaque, and an Arkansas State flag that flew in his dad’s honor over the Capitol for one day.


State Representative Justin Harris also announced to the Council the approval of a grant approved to West Fork Police Department. Chief John Collins had submitted the grant request and the grant was approved for $5,000. Chief Collins said this money will be used to purchase Arcon Flex Cameras for the officers.



1. COURT: No comments or action taken

2. LIBRARY: Librarian Joan Bachman spoke to the Council on the need for more space, and repairs are needed for the building. She stated that a grant was being worked on by herself, Kay and Charlie Rossetti to submit to the Walton Family Foundation. The grant would be for approximately a 4200-4500 square foot funding. She also requested to be thought of and included in the Capital Improvement Plan in the future.


4. POLICE DEPARTMENT: Chief Collins reported the new car is in, and should be on the road next day.

5. STREETS AND UTILITIES: (a) Presented the Quarterly Progress Report copies to the Council. (b) Advised that the Ordinance and Resolution regarding “Planning area and map approval” needs to be seen and discussed by the Planning Commission and they are scheduled to meet October 17th, then it will come to the Council in November’s meeting. ( c) Advised that the sidewalks have and are being repaired and bridges are being inspected. (d) Noted the thank you letter to Frank Adams for his volunteer work involving the wiring for the telephone installation. (e) reminded about the City-wide cleanup this coming weekend. (f) Gave a report to the Council regarding Comp-time/Overtime.


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5. STREETS AND UTILITIES (cont’d): Alderman Nelson would like to see this cleared up for all employees. He was concerned about where the money will come from to pay this. Chief Collins presented a letter from Mayor Hime at the time she offered him the job as Chief, stating that she was offering him Comp time as part of that offer. He would like it cleared up about the supervisors on salary not being able to receive Comp time. Attorney Kieklak advised that it’s a Federal Rule regarding time and a half being paid to employees. Salaried employees are exempt. He said that was a simplified explanation.

Motion made by Nelson that the Mayor/Department Heads/ and one member of the Council have a work meeting to prepare a policy for review by the Council regarding Comp time, Overtime, vacation, and sick leave time.

2nd by Rossetti

Motion Carried

(Nelson and Sergeant volunteered to be a part of that meeting)

(Chief Collins again asked about him being able to accumulate comp time. Nelson told him that would be one of the things brought up and cleared up in that policy meeting)


6. PARKS: Commission Chairman Brian Bowerman spoke to the Council, asking if the council pays the City Attorney for work done for the Parks Commission, or if the Commission needs to retain an attorney for counseling them with issues. Attorney Kieklak advised there is no reason he cannot represent the Parks Commission. Mayor Hime stated he needed to bill the Parks for that so that the City does not pay for that. Mr. Kieklak advised he would do that (re: billing to Parks). Council was in agreement verbally that Mr. Kieklak can deal with concerns of the Parks Commission.

7. RENEWABLE RESOURCE CENTER: no comments or actions.

8. FIRE DEPARTMENT: no comments or actions.

9. TREASURER: no comments or actions.



1. MAYORS UPDATE: (a) Nelson asked Mayor if a letter of appreciation was ever sent to Super Foods. Mayor replied yes. (b) Mayor is working on grants. ( c ) telephone installation is complete ( d) is having problems with scanning documents for website.                                                                                                                                        Page 4 of

2. Organizational Chart : Grant proposals are being written for equipment, personnel to assist in Animal Control, and other things needed.

3. Organizational Chart Workshop: A Budget Meeting Workshop was scheduled for October 21st, 2013 at 6:30 PM in the Council Room at the City Administration Building. After the budget meeting, if time allows, an Organizational Chart Workshop can follow.

4. Alderman Sergeant suggested for planning purposes that the Council dedicate January meetings solely for the setup of “how the city will operate and be organized. He said for that January meeting, nothing else be placed on the Agenda.

Motion made by Sergeant

2nd by Rossetti

Motion Carried


Sergeant also suggested the Council consider the use of a Business Manager as designated by Mayor Carter, naming Butch Bartholomew. City Attorney suggested this be discussed in the Organizational Workshop.


Sergeant also discussed who needs to be in charge of the Mayor’s duties when the Mayor is absent.

Motion made by Sergeant to appoint Charlie Rossetti as President Pro Tempore in the Mayor’s absence.

2nd by Nelson

Motion Carried



          1. BUDGET WORKSHOP 2014 SCHEDULE: Scheduled for October 21st, 2013 at 6:30 PM as stated above in Old Business Item #3.

2. City Tax Levy .005 mil :

Motion made by Shafer to Approve the Tax Levy

2nd by Stout

Motion Carried







                                                                                Page 5 of 5



Steve Winkler reminded the Council that 2/3 of the voters wanted the City to dissolve the Water and Sewer Commission, and called the Council “delusional if they think the citizens are going to walk away from what they’ve asked you to do”.


Treasurer Kristie Drymon passed out packets for the Council to study before the Budget Meeting, in order to familiarize and gather any questions they might have.


Motion made by Donahue to adjourn

2nd by Shafer

Motion Carried





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City Clerk-Marsha Hungate                       Mayor Frances Hime


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