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Verbatim Account WF Council Meeting Nov. 12, 2013


December 14, 2013 by wcobserver

City Council Meeting

Verbatim Account

November 12, 2013

Volunteer Transcriptionists:

  Christina Pettigrew Womack, Michele Allen Winkler

In the transcription there will be numbers in parentheses.  These are the time locations on the recording and are randomly placed.


Interim Mayor Rossetti:  It’s 6:30. I’m going to call this meeting to order. I’d like to introduce Reverend Valton Elms from the White River United Pentecostal Church. He’s going to do our invocation tonight. So, Reverend Elms.

Elms:  Heavenly Father, we love and appreciate you. We thank you so much for this evening. [Indistinguishable] for all these that are here, Lord, all of our City Council members. We ask and pray that you’ll help lead them and guide them, for the best decisions that need to be done for here in West Fork. We ask and pray, Lord, that anybody that’s here tonight, that need healing in their body, that you’ll touch them, administer to them, because of the season we’re in with a lot of people getting colds and sicknesses, we ask and pray that you just lead and guide every one of us. In your name, Jesus. Amen.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Rossetti:  Alright, we’ll convene the regular session of the City Council. Roll call vote.

Roll call was answered by the following as being present:

Shane Donahue, Charlie Rossetti, Ed Stout, Julie Shafer, Anita Lowry, Bill Sergeant, and Mike Nelson.  Sarah Setzer was absent.

Rossetti:  Mr. [Tom]  Kieklak is here, our City Attorney. City Clerk, Marsha Hungate. And Mayor Frances Hime is absent tonight.

We have a letter of resignation from Mayor Hime and I would [indistinguishable] like to adopt the agenda to take care of this business at the beginning.

Shafer : I make a motion that we amend the agenda to take in consideration Mayor Hime’s resignation.

Unknown Voice: Second.

Unknown Voice: Second.

Rossetti: Is there any discussion? All in favor say aye.

Unknown in Group: aye.

Rossetti: All opposed by like sign.


Rossetti: Ok. 12 November 2013. West Fork City Council, West Fork, Arkansas. To all Alderman. This is a notice of my resignation, as mayor of West Fork, effective immediately. Please send my paycheck to my home address, which is 985 McKnight. The furniture in my office is a donation from me to the City. Include earned vacation time in a final paycheck. I have not used any of my vacation time this year. I will be out of state for a family member’s memorial. Sincerely. Signed Frances Hime.

Kieklak: May I?

Rossetti: Yes.

Kieklak: I think it’s appropriate now if you choose to accept the resignation or not.

Shafer : I make a motion to accept the resignation of Frances Hime.

Sergeant: I second.

Rossetti: There’s a second, so, it’s been moved and seconded to accept the resignation of Mayor Hime. Is there any discussion?

Hungate : Mr. Rossetti, [indistinguishable]. I heard both of the calls.

Rossetti: Yes. Oh.

Unknown voice: Bill?

Unknown voice: Yes, it’s Bill.

Police Chief John Collins: Ya, I don’t know if anybody can hear anything in the room. I don’t know if the mics are not on or [indistinguishable].

Rossetti: [indistinguishable] Mic coming through?

Unknown voice: Yes.

Rossetti: Ok. Alright, if there’s no discussion, I’ll ask for a roll call vote.

   All council members voted yes:  Shane Donahue, Charles Rossetti, Ed Stout, Julie Shafer, Anita    Lowry, Bill Sergeant, Mike Nelson.

Rossetti: The motion has carried. We have accepted the resignation of Mayor Hime. I think it’s appropriate that the City Council send a letter to Mayor Hime, thanking her for the services she’s done for her nearly three years of service to West Fork, and has done that tirelessly, and I would like the comments of the City Council on sending her that letter.

Shafer: I would like to make that motion that we send that letter.

Rossetti: Is there a second?

Unknown voice: I’ll second.

Rossetti: All in favor say yes.

Group answers: yes

Rossetti: All opposed by like sign.

Unknown voice: Why don’t you just volunteer to write that letter.

Rossetti: Ok. I can do that.

Unknown voice: So, you now have a vacancy.

Rossetti: Yes, we now have a vacancy, and so that vacancy will have to be filled. I’ve asked Mr. Kieklak to tell us about how that’s going to proceed.

Kieklak: So, Charlie’s running the meeting right now, and if you all recall you had voted for to make [indistinct] make him President Pro Tempore of the City Council. And so that makes sense that he is going to conduct the meeting tonight. At this point you have a vacancy, and what I would suggest is that someone makes a motion to declare the position vacant. I know this sounds a little silly maybe, but because of the [indistinguishable] opinions, I think that’s appropriate. So, if someone makes that motion and second, you can just do a voice vote to declare it vacant. Thereafter, you can choose to tonight – and I’m going to suggest that you do – appoint someone to fill that vacancy, until such time as the County can get a special election together for West Fork. We’re going to have to have a special election because there is more than six months remaining on the Mayor’s term. And so we’re going to have to have a special election. There is a news person out there somewhere that I told the opposite to today, and I apologized to them. I got the rest of the news people right, but that one person, the first person that called me, I told her wrong because I was reading in the statue. Regardless, we have the thirteen months left in the term, so we’re going to have to have a special election. We’ll get the Election Commission will get notified, and they’ll instruct us on what to do. But right now, I think the procedure would be to go ahead, declare the vacancy, fill it temporarily with someone that lives in West Fork and can vote. That person can be on this Council or anybody else. If that person is on the Council, then that person can’t vote on their own appointment. So the rest of you would have to vote. And then we’ll go ahead and get a special election set. You don’t have to do that tonight. The County will tell us when that’s going to be, and then you can go on with your meeting.

Shafer: I make a motion that the, that there’s a vacancy.

Unknown voice: Yes ma’am.

Donahue: Second.

Rossetti: Alright, seconded by Shane. Alright, so we have a motion to declare a vacancy of the Mayor’s position, seconded by [indistinguishable]. All in favor, say yes.

Group: yes.

Rossetti: All opposed like sign.


Rossetti: Motion carries.

Kieklak: And now it’s appropriate if somebody wants to nominate someone to fill that position of Mayor until such time as a new Mayor is elected.

Donahue: [Indistinguishable] appropriate to have a discussion on that, as far as new business, or…?

Kieklak: Absolutely, however you want to do it.

Donahue: I’d like to make a motion to change the agenda, and on number one on new business, discussion of substitute Mayor.

Rossetti: Ok. So you want to move that down to New Business.

Donahue: Ah, be in New Business.

Rossetti: Do I hear a second?

Kieklak: So, by the silence, I’m taking it your guys are wondering if that’s what you have to do. You don’t have to do that, if you don’t want to. It’s certainly a suggestion. If you guys just want to take it up now, you can, or you can move to New Business. You’re free to do either one.

Nelson: If we leave it under New Business, then he would conduct the business to that point, because he’s…

Kieklak: Right. As President Pro Tempore of this Council, Charlie’s going to go ahead and conduct the meeting either way. So you can do that now or you can wait and discuss that later on.

Nelson: I’ll second the motion.

Rossetti: Ok.

Unknown voice: [Indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: [Indistinguishable]

Rossetti: Ok, so we have a motion to move the replacement to number one on New Business, and it’s been seconded. All in favor say aye.

Unknown group: aye

Rossetti: All opposed by like sign.

Unknown group: no

Unknown voice: No, I’d like to do it now.

Shafer: I’d like to go ahead and take care of it since we’re already on it.

Kieklak: So, when you have a voice vote and you get a non-unanimous, you can certainly call for a roll call, if you want to see [indistinguishable].

Unknown voice: But can you take this Council for five votes [indistinguishable].

Rossetti: Alright. So let’s do a roll call.

   The following voted yes:  Shane Donahue, Ed Stout, Bill Sergeant, Mike Nelson.

  The following voted no:  Julie Shafer, Anita Lowry.

Kieklak: So, that’s four votes. That motion doesn’t pass, unless your President Pro Tempore chooses to be a fifth vote. Sorry, Charlie.

Shafer: You’ve been dying to say that all night, haven’t you?

Kieklak: Remember that [indistinguishable]

Shafer: um-hm

Rossetti: I’ll abstain.

Kieklak: Alright, so, you’re back to where you were, which is do you, you can take that up now if you want to go ahead and take that up now, or [indistinguishable].

Donahue: Might as well take it up now, or it won’t get done. It’s the way the tables turn.

Unknown voice: Alright.

Unknown voice: It’s special.

Rossetti: Alright, we have…I would entertain a motion…well we can, we can have discussion without a motion, is that right [indistinguishable]

Kieklak: You certainly can [indistinguishable] Council meeting [indistinguishable].

Rossetti: If you want discussion, let’s have discussion at this point.

Donahue: Ok.

Rossetti: Or a motion.

Donahue: Well, we have to appoint somebody, as of short term until we can get the Election Committee to hold a special election to hold the Mayor’s position, correct?

Kieklak: The person that you will appoint will hold that position until a new Mayor is elected and qualified, which means the returns are counted, the County Commission declares a winner, and qualified means they’re sworn in.

Donahue: Ok. Any idea, do you have an idea of a timeline, of how long…

Kieklak: I don’t.

Donahue: Ok. What are the differences between, as far as Charlie representing our President of the Board, and then him having to take over the May- It would be two complete different jobs as far as what he does currently as being President of the Council, correct?

Kieklak: The…if…Alright, so Charlie’s serving right now as sort of running the meeting.

Donahue: Correct.

Kieklak: If you have a mayor appointed, that mayor will run the meeting. Just like a mayor would. And if it’s Charlie, then Charlie will be the mayor. At that point, you know, you’ll have a vacancy in Charlie’s council spot, which you wouldn’t necessarily want to fill right away – and we’d check the law on that – but you wouldn’t want to fill it because Charlie may very well be going back to that spot. So, you know, we’ll figure that out. But the very least, you would have a mayor, and that mayor would run the meetings. The mayor that you appoint, he’ll be a mayor. He’s going to have all powers of the Office – he or she – so, whoever you appoint will be someone who will, you know, have all of the powers, they’ll have the salary, and they’ll step into place of the vacancy right now.

Donahue: I think everyone here can agree that we should have someone on the Council step into that position as a substitute.

Unknown voice: I agree. Probably need to think about a lot of bumps.

Donahue: Do we have any volunteers?

Unknown voice: What if we nominate somebody?

Rossetti: You can do that.

Unknown voice: I nominate Charlie Rossetti.

Unknown voice : I’ll second.

Kieklak: So I think you’d want to ask if there are any other nominations before you call for a vote.

Rossetti: Are there any other nominations? Alright, nominated to elect Charlie Rossetti for Interim Mayor. It’s been seconded. All in favor, say aye.

Unknown group: Aye

Rossetti: All opposed by like sign.


Kieklak: So may the record reflect, please, Marsha, that Charlie did not vote, because he may not vote in his own appointment.

Hungate: Ok.

Kieklak: Alright, so you all have appointed Charlie… be mayor. At this point so he can go ahead and begin, although, I would like to get him sworn in. Is there a JP in the audience right now?

Unknown voice: I can get the Judge if you’d like.

Unknown voice: I’m one, but I don’t have my [indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Kieklak: We can certainly wait. Charlie can go ahead and run the meeting as President Pro Tempore [indistinguishable] of everyone here. I don’t want [indistinguishable].

Collins: He’ not on the bench yet.

Unknown voice: We have a [indistinguishable] until seven o’clock.

Kieklak: I can probably find the oath if we want to…the cameras would probably love it.

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: You know what we failed to ask him, if Charlie wanted [indistinguishable].

Kieklak: I know, and he doesn’t get to [indistinguishable].

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: Well at least if he gets angry at anybody it’s Ed.

Unknown voice: Oh, ya. Let him be mad at Ed.

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Kieklak: I’ve got to try to find the Oath you guys.

Unknown voice: Oh, you weren’t prepared for that tonight?

Kieklak: I was not. That’s what I get for talking too much.

Unknown voice: Talking too much and not getting done what you were supposed to do.

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: Oh, he’s even got the [indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: Thank you very much.

Judge  Casey Jones: Swearing somebody in.

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Judge Jones: Are you ready?

Rossetti: I’m ready.

Judge Jones: Are you sure?

Rossetti: I’m not sure.

Judge Jones: Well it’s an important thing you’re about to do. Alright. You need to raise your right hand and repeat after me. First of all, say I and your name please.

Rossetti: I, Charlie Rossetti…

Judge Jones: …do hereby solemnly swear or affirm…

Rossetti: …do hereby solemnly swear or affirm…

Judge Jones: …that I will support the Constitution of the United States…

Rossetti: …that I will support the Constitution of the United States…

Judge Jones: …and the Constitution of the State of Arkansas…

Rossetti: …and the Constitution of the State of Arkansas…

Judge Jones: …and will faithfully discharge the duties…

Rossetti: …and will faithfully discharge the duties…

Judge Jones: …of the office of Mayor…

Rossetti: …of the office of Mayor…

Judge Jones: …of which I am about to enter…

Rossetti: …of which I am about to enter…

Judge Jones: That’s it. Congratulations, or my sympathy, whichever one you want.

Unknown voice: Probably a little of both.

Kieklak: Judge, thank you very much for coming in. And for bringing the Oath, which I was looking forward to [indistinguishable], so I very much appreciate that.

Judge Jones: We had to make one little change though.

Unknown voice: Do we have any questions from the audience?

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Rossetti: I don’t know if my wife applauded.

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: She abstained.

Judge Jones: From what I hear, she’s a smart lady, so she probably didn’t.

Kieklak: I want to give this to the Clerk. It will have to be filed.

Hungate: Yes, thank you.

Judge Jones: Alright.

Unknown voices: Thank you, Judge Jones. Thank you.

Rossetti: Alright, we’re down to adoption of the Agenda.  (31:05) Are there any changes?

Donahue: Do you want to discuss on old business on the topics that has Mayor next to them? If you want to take that, or you want to…?

Rossetti: I don’t, I don’t know what she had for that except what information we may have in the packets. So I’m going to, if you want to table that, then you can have a motion to do that. There are two items of policy for comp time, the organizational charts for supervision. Those are the two items…

Unknown voice: I’d like to make a motion to table those until next meeting, on old business, positive comp time, organizational chart for supervision scheduled meeting.

Rossetti: Ok, do I have a second?

Unknown voice: I’ll second.

Rossetti: All in favor say yes.

Unknown voices: yes.

Rossetti: All opposed by like sign. The approval of minutes.

Julie Shafer: I make a motion to approve the minutes.

Rossetti: Do I have a second?

Unknown voice: I’ll second.

Rossetti: All in favor of approving the minutes as presented say aye.

Group: aye

Rossetti: All opposed by like sign. Ok, minutes are approved. Business reports. Anything from the court? Pauletta [Welch] is not in here, is she.

Unknown voices: yes, she is.

Rossetti: Is she?

Unknown voices: yes, she’s here.

Rossetti: Alright. Good to see you. Do you have anything, Pauletta?

Welch: No sir [indistinguishable] unless anyone has questions for me?

Shafer: How is the new system working out Pauletta for the collecting of fines that you, that you started, what was it?

Welch: The debit card collections?

Shafer: Yes.

Welch: It works very well. Usually at least 25% of our collections [indistinguishable] are done by people paying online. Especially if [indistinguishable] warrant and it’s over a thousand dollars, they’re really happy to go on there and just give us all their money. So we’re really happy that they can do that.

Unknown voice: Ok.

Welch: It works real well.

Rossetti: Any other questions? Thank you Pauletta. Ok. Library. (32:29) Joan’s [Bachman] not here tonight. Council, you have in your packet this little drawing right here and I’ll just, a quick update on that. The architects have drawn a new addition to the library. This is about an expansion of the library. Joan has brought this to the attention of the City and so she has some possible grant money coming from the Walmart Foundation I believe. There’s two: there’s Walton Foundation and Walmart. I think this coming through the Walton, Walmart Foundation. And so Mr. Bartholomew set up a meeting with our architectural firm who did the plans on the original building and a first addition we did on the library, and they came down and talked with Joan. She walked them through all the things that she thought were going to be needed for a Library addition, and he’s gone back and this is the plan view that he has come up with. I have asked, we don’t have a full set of drawings yet, and I have asked Joan as soon as those are available from the architect that they be made available at City Hall here and then of course she’ll have a copy at the Library as well. But it’s about 4200 square foot addition there. He’s made some modifications to the existing facility there as far as a meeting room and everything, and so we are now better than halfway through the grant process. My wife Kay Rossetti has been helping Joan with some of that writing and so hopefully that will be submitted near the end of the month. All of the grant proposal is due by November 30th, and then we just wait on them to look at it and see where we are on it. So hopefully this will come through and we will look at other possible funding as well. So that’s where we are on that. Are there any questions on that?

Unknown voice: Right now, if we get the grant, grant money, is that going to cover the full addition, or will we need extra funds from the City?

Rossetti: We are asking for all of it.

Unknown voice: Ok.

Rossetti: And I think we’re looking at somewhere in the vicinity of $700 thousand dollars. Any other questions? Planning Commission, no report. Police Department. Chief Collins?

Collins: I handed out a report to everybody. I didn’t get into the packet, I’m sorry.

Rossetti: Are there any questions for Chief Collins? Ok, no questions. Mr. Bartholomew isn’t here tonight, so Streets and Utilities. Parks, David Roebke, do you have anything to report?

Roebke: Negative.

Rossetti: Is there any questions for Mr. Roebke? Ok, item number seven, Renewable Resource Center. Paul [Libor]?

Libor: Nothing.

Rossetti: Ok, anything for, anything for Mr. Libor, any questions? Fire Department.

Fire Chief Mitch McCorkle: I don’t have anything.

Rossetti: [undistinguishable] Chief McCorkle.  Brad [Hardin] do you have…

Brad Hardin: That is in regards to the Fire Department. This is dealing with the budget, which is a new business item.

Rossetti: Ok. We’ll wait for that then.

Hardin : Either way.

Rossetti: Ok. And Treasurer, Kristie [Drymon]?

Drymon: I have two quick things. First of all, the Mayor and her resignation letter, requested her vacation time. I’m not aware of vacation time. She’s a part-time employee, but I wanted to, I wanted the Council to go on record about paying vacation time and unused vacation time.

Unknown voice: We can’t [indistinguishable] this.

Rossetti: Ok.

Unknown voice: It’s not on her [indistinguishable] them.

Rossetti: Kri-

Kieklak: [indistinguishable] look into [indistinguishable] traffic [indistinguishable]

Rossetti: Alright. Mr. Kieklak is suggesting that we should look at the policies, see what they have to say, before any decision by the Council might be made. Does any Council members have any comments that they would like to put out at this time? Then we’ll get back, we can look at those. Can we, do we need to do that, we need to do that in a meeting.

Kieklak: No.

Rossetti: I think that-

Kieklak: Mayor, if you, if you determine it is appropriate to get that paid, then you can, you know, have her pay it, and it’ll come through here, you know, either as a budget [indistinguishable] as necessary, I can’t imagine it being a very major budget [indistinguishable], but in your reconciliation in November, if you determine that there’s a question about it, and you need to bring it to the Council, you can certainly do that in December, and bring it to the Council in December. It’s your decision.

Rossetti: Ok.

Unknown voice: Has any Mayor ever been paid vacation time, though?

Drymon: No, because they’re considered part-time.

Unknown voice: Part-time. That’s what I was thinking.

Drymon: Ya, and none of our part-time employees get vacation time.

Unknown voice: Ok.

Drymon: And that, I mean that’s in our policies, so. My second is, I know we took the comp time policies off of the agenda.

Unknown voice: I can’t hear you.

Drymon: But we do have comp time that needs to be paid to some employees and so I am requesting that the City Council consider going ahead and improving, approving us pay for all or some of the comp time that is on the books right now, even if we don’t pass a policy tonight. I do think it’s, even if we don’t pay it this month, it needs to be paid before the end of the year because you pay that comp time based on their current wages, so if we wait till after the first of the year there’s going to be raises included in that, so it’s just that much more money.

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Rossetti: Ok. Alright, I’ll call for a motion.

Shafer: I make a motion that we pay comp time that’s on the books at this time, in full. (39:37)

Rossetti: Alright, is there a second?

Unknown voice: Second.

Unknown voice: There’s something you have to do it right [indistinguishable], yes sir.

Rossetti: Alright, motion to pay all comp times that are on the book at this point. There is a second.

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Rossetti: Is there discussion?

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Nelson: Do we even know how much comp time we’re talking about?

Nelson: No one’s told me about it.

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Drymon:   (39:55) I’ll just divide it by, and this is as of October 31st, so there may be another hour or two added in there. For the Water Department, it would be $17,186.40. The Street would be $15,565.84. The City would be $8,321.40. The Parks, $2,033.93. And I’m pretty sure the Police Department has some, but I don’t have those numbers.

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable], probably don’t have the amounts.

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Collins: I don’t have the amounts. I have the number of hours.

Kieklak: May I ask, Kristie, is this put everyone down to carrying the maximum number allowed [indistinguishable]

Drymon: That would put them to zero.

Kieklak: To zero. And then the, the, I know the question before the Council, do they want to continue with comp time practice, or just go to a strict overtime practice. [Indistinguishable]

Drymon: Right. And that’s the policy that we just tabled until, until next…

Unknown voice: Right.

Drymon: …month.

Kieklak: And it’s appropriate, especially during budget time, to make that decision going forward.

Unknown voice: You got it.

Nelson: Where are you proposing to pay this money from, Kristie?

Drymon: From each Department that owes, that those employees come out of. Yes, they ya, each of those Departments. (41:09)

Unknown voice: How did all these Departments get this money to pay this in November? I’m just curious as to everybody’s on budget, where’s this money?

Drymon: No it’s not in the budget. It’s not in the budget, no.

Unknown voice: That’s what I’m asking.

Drymon: We have the money in reserves. But…

Unknown voice: That’s what I want to know.

Drymon: …that’s why I’m, that’s why I’m asking you to, to approve it, because it’s…

Unknown voice: Let’s do it now.

Drymon: …it is a budget adjustment.

Unknown voice: Phew!

Rossetti: Do, in order to go forward with the budget then, do we need, do we need to vote on, besides this, will we need to come back and vote on what’s being recommended for comp time, bringing it down to zero, and, and going to a certain number of hours? There’s [indistinguishable] there’s a maximum number of hours in that proposal.

Nelson:  (42:18)There’s a last, in the last meeting, this Council asked the Mayor, and I was appointed from the Council, along with the Department Heads to get together, and we’ve never done that. So before we do any policies, I’d like to see us finish that meeting, so we know where we’re going. This is tremendous amount of money, and I don’t want to see this happening here. This is poor management to have this happen. [Indistinguishable] that’s an awful lot of money that we’re getting rid of here. [Indistinguishable] and we’ve already somewhere around twelve thousand that we’ve already paid.

Rossetti: So and we, we can do that before the next Council meeting.

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable] have a proposal?

Drymon: Policies.

Rossetti: Have…

Unknown voice: So we can have a policy.

Rossetti: …just policy. Ya. Which would come from this proposal.

Unknown voice: That’s just my proposal [indistinguishable]

Rossetti: That’s a suggestion. Ya. [Indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Rossetti: This would be a starting point for us. Alright, so…

Drymon: But what I’m asking is that the Council go ahead and do a budget adjustment and let’s get it paid in full and get these guys paid off that we owe money to…

Unknown voice: Alright, so we have that motion…

Drymon: …and then set a policy whether it be next month or whenever that is but get a policy set.

Rossetti: Alright. We have a motion on the floor, and a second. Is there any further discussion? And this motion is to pay this approximately $43 thousand and to clear the comp time from all the employees and all the Departments. Bill?  (43:36)

Sergeant: Kristie , we have reserves back to cover this?

Drymon: Yes.

Sergeant: And it’s not going to break us further

Drymon: No.

Sergeant: Ok.

Rossetti: Ok. All in favor say yes.

Unknown voices: Yes

Rossetti: All opposed by like sign.

Unknown voice: Yes. I want to know whichever the [indistinguishable].

Rossetti: Ok.

Nelson: And I’m not going against paying them. I’m going that this ever happened in the first place. Ok, this is terrible. (49:09)

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable] the aye’s have it.

Rossetti: Alright, the aye’s have it. [Indistinguishable] Thank you, Kristie.

Unknown voice: Mmmhmm

Rossetti: Are there any questions for Kristie on anything else with the Treasurer’s duties? Ok, we’re to Old Business.  (44:34) We have, we have a public forum at this time, at the beginning of Old Business, and I would like, we have three public forums listed tonight. So I would, I would like for the Council to support these recommendations on how to handle the forum tonight, if we do have some issues that are different than we normally have. So, for public comments in the forum, I would ask that any of you that have a comment, you’re allowed two minutes, and you’re asked to come to the podium to speak. You’ll make all comments to the Council, not to the audience. Please, no interruptions from the audience during any time that anybody is speaking. The Council will take no action on any of tonight’s public comments. And I ask that the Council not respond to the public comments. Would the Council have, are, are you guys good with those ground rules?

Unknown voice: I think that’s great.

Unknown voices: [indistinguishable]

Rossetti: Alright. So that being said, is there anybody who would like to come forward. Mr. [Wes] Eckles?

Wes Eckles: Members of the Council, gentlemen, madams, I come before you to speak about the proposed ordinance to make Butch Bartholomew the business manager. I have a copy of what I’m telling you, and I’ll hand it out at the end of my presentation. We hope that you will all read this before you take any action on this proposed ordinance. I would recommend that you table this ordinance because my wife and I only became aware of this ordinance just a few days ago. Now I know probably some people knew about it, but I sure didn’t. I have these questions that I think we ought to address: what is the need for the ordinance; how much will it cost the City of West Fork; what would the duties of the Mayor become; what are Mr. Butch Bartholomew’s qualifications for the job; and should the City advertise for applicants for the City Manager position?  (47:16). These are questions I have. And the other question that I propose to you is why rush? Do you think the citizens of West Fork should be given the opportunity to read, study the pros and cons of the ordinance that changes the way our City is managed? Let us not make the same mistake as the U.S. Congress. Pass it, then you’ll know what’s in the Bill. Thank you.

Rossetti: Mr. Eckles, can you, ok, you’re going to pass those out. Make sure there are…

Eckles: …ya, there’s enough copies.

Unknown voice: Thank you.

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Unknown voice: [indistinguishable]

Rossetti: Mr. [Paul] Libor?

Libor:  (48:04) Last year, about a year and half ago, you guys had Trash-a-way [indistinguishable] franchise to you. Now you did this because Butch Bartholomew told us that this [indistinguishable] they give us dumpsters for the West Fest. Ok, the West Fest, we got one dumpster. So a franchise fee should have been, we bantered around, we don’t know exactly how much, because the City’s never collected it for some reason, and [indistinguishable] seven to ten thousand dollars. That’s what it would cost us for one dumpster for two days. So, that’s what you call good management.

Rossetti: Thank you, Paul.

Unknown voice: Charlie, can you [indistinguishable] the 100% because we [indistinguishable].

Rossetti: Yes. I’m assuming that mic is not working, so. He said that, that the dumpster, the, we refused a franchise fee for Trash-a-way, based on the fact that Trash-a-way supplied dumpsters for West Fest and that this year they, they only supplied one dumpster for that, and that through some inquiring they figured that a franchise fee would net somewhere around seven to…

Libor: ten thousand.

Rossetti: …ten thousand dollars, and so we have lost that money. Did I see most of it, Paul?

Libor That’s right.

Rossetti: Ok. Alright, any other comments? Alright. Planning Area Boundary Ordinance, we have a, a resolution and an ordinance, and that’s in your packets. (50:05).  The Resolution 23-09.  This resolution went to the planning commission on their last regular meeting, I believe.   And they passed it.  It is signed by the chair,  and the secretary.  You guys find it?

Rossetti:  Do we need to act on the resolution?

Indistinct voices.

Rossetti:   And then the Ordinance  436, I think it’s the page before which is the planning planning area boundary description and map approval.  You have that map in your packet.

Indistinct voices.

Shafer:  I make a motion to approve  (indistinct words)

Unknown voice:  Seconded.

Kieklak:  (Indistinct words)…pass that motion by two thirds vote.   Then it can be read by title only.  (Indistinct words).

Rossetti: Any discussion?

Kieklak:  You need a roll call vote.

Rossetti:  Okay, roll call vote.

[All council members present voted yes.]

Rossetti:  Two thirds to pass it.

Kieklak:  We can read the title.

Rossetti:  All right the title  is Planning Area Boundary Description and Map Approval  (52:34)

Kieklak:  You all know why [indistinct] the State House  changed the law on letting [indistinct] boundaries be ,   so this is just coming into compliance with  that new State   law.

Stout:  I make a motion to pass Ordinance 436 pass.

Shafer: I second

Rossetti:  Motion to pass Ordinance 436.  Roll   call vote.

Kieklak:  Yes, sir

[All council members present voted yes].


Rossetti:   Motion passed.  All right that ordinance is now law. (53:26)

Rossetti:  OK, we have tabled item number 2.

Donahue and others: (indistinct)

Other indistinct voices.

Rossetti:  We still have a meeting… yes, we’re going to have a meeting with department heads and, Mike Nelson you’re still on it and myself, before the December city council meeting.   We’ll bring the findings on  the policy for comptime to the December meeting.

Rossetti:  Number 3, the organizational chart has been tabled.  And the ordinance to make Butch Bartholomew business manager (54:52)

Indistinct voice:

Shafer:  I didn’t see an ordinance in the packet

Hungate:  There was none. Nothing was submitted.

Rossetti:  There’s not an ordinance in the packet.

Sergeant:   (indistinct) I’d rather table that then  (indistinct) and take it up at the next meeting.

Anita Lowry:  What is Butch’s title now? (54:59)

Rossetti:  He is… superv…well, superintendent  (indistinct) of water and sewer?

Kieklak:  Water and Sewer superintendent and volunteer street department (indistinct

Sergeant: Actually the resolution made him business manager and it hasn’t been changed, so he’s still carries the title of business manager of the city of West Fork.

Unknown voice:  OK

Rossetti: Is there a second to tabling this motion?

Stout: Second

Rossetti:  All in favor say yes.

Multiple voices:  yes

Rossetti: All opposed like sign.


Rossetti:  New Business.  And again we have a time here for public forum.

(55:38) Same rules (words obscured by coughing)…forward to speak at this time.

[Murmurings indistinct that are talk about the microphone.]

Brad Hardin:  I’ll try to talk loud.

More talking about the speakers not working.

Hardin:  Has my time started.

Rossetti:  It is started. (56: 17)

Hardin:  The paper that I’ve given to you there.  Everyone got a copy there.  I hope I made it clear enough. (indistinct)  and none of this came out of…

Audience member:  Speak louder.

[More talk about how he can be heard.]

Hardin:  The form that I have given you all, all of this comes directly out of the budget that you already have.  There’s nothing special about it. All I did was put it a way I can understand it and make sense of it.  What I wanted to look at whenever I sat in the budget meeting last week, Butch made a very compelling and valid argument about taking the, you know, the taking away from the employees to hire other employees, and that’s not right.   And I would agree with him fully.  And that’s typical  municipal politics  and everything is a stop loss game.  In order for one department to grow the other department has to shrink.  I mean the money has to come from somewhere.  However, that’s simply not the case.  That’s two totally unrelated issues.  The insurance is something that you all can discuss and work on separate.  The money for the fire department  can come directly from that additional $87,00 that has been budgeted from next year for the tax increase, so the money is there.  Mitch is wanting to  increase the budget  by $52, 000 dollars, so you all can keep the insurance  just the way it is and still have additional $30,000 to be spread among the other departments   Down below that in 2013, I broke out what the amount of money that went towards the fire department.  On the books there, it shows $81,000 d.  If you look below (58:36) in the yellow that is actually how much money came out of the citizens or that the citizens actually contributed, is that much $26,000.   $26000 is, I mean that’s barely enough to buy fuel for a fire department, let alone fund a fire department.  There’s charts, spread through there that put all that, you know in proportion where you can see the amount of money that actually’s going toward  this.   Along the same argument that Butch made about not wanting to hire employees at the expense of other employees and that I agree with fully; he’s   also added $44,000 to his budget,  you know $10,000 shy of what Mitch is asking for, but yet it’s the fire department that’s causing the problem that’s  simply not reality and I just beg you all to please  spend some time looking this over, because it is important.  We need a good fire department.  Thank you.


Rossetti:  Thank you, Brad.  Any other comments?


Rossetti: You all calm down.

(giggles, murmurs)

Rossetti: All right, new  business.  Police commission nominees.  Craig Stout, information officer Fayetteville Police Department and Jeff Baker.

Collins:  That was my recommendations.

Rossetti:  John, do you want to make any comments about this.

Collins:  They’ve taken, I guess the Mayor had taken several applications , but these are the applications that I had received also and that’s who I strongly suggest.  I haven’t seen all the applications by no means.  She had taken several.

Rossetti:  Council,  any comments or…I would entertain a motion on that.

Shafer:  I make the motion that we  approve Craig Stout and Jeff Baker to the Police Commission.

(Indistinct voice)

Unknown voice:  I second the motion

Rossetti:  (1:01:28)  Can …

Shafer: You want to do them separate?

Rossetti: We want them separately; I think that would be best if we did that.

Shafer:  Then I make a motion that we approve Craig Stout for the Police Commission.

Rossetti:  Do I hear a second?

Lowry :  I second  the motion.

Rossetti;  All right there’s a motion to accept Craig Stout on the Police Commission and a second.  All in favor say yes.

Multiple voices: yes

Rossetti:  All opposed like sign.


Rossetti:  Jeff Baker

Shafer:  I make the motion to approve Jeff Baker to the Police Commission.

Rossetti:  Is there a second?

Nelson :  I’ll second

Rossetti;  Motion to accept Jeff Baker to the Police Commission and a second.  All in favor say yes.

Multiple voices: yes

Rossetti:  All opposed like sign.


Unknown voice:…..five members (1:02:25)

Rossetti:  Do you have a meeting scheduled?

Collins:  I have not.  I’ve been waiting to get it filled.

Rossetti:  Ok.  Have you decided if they are going on a monthly, a quarterly.

Collins:  I’m  sure it will be a quarterly, [not distinct]

Unknown voice:  The code book says quarterly.

Collins: Yeah, that’s what I’m sayin’

Rossetti:  When you get those dates can you be sure that Marsha has those for her calendar.

Collins:  Yes, Sir.

Rossetti:  All right , new business number 2 planning commission nominees. (01:03:07).  Joan Wright and Robin Wilson.   Planning Commission has unanimously approved its second nomination of Wilson.


Hungate:  Mr. Rossetti, Mr. Landa sent me the minutes from their last meeting that,  they have a meeting coming up and I checked that for you and nothing shows in the minutes  that  they had  a  approval or that she was even  brought up.  Now,  that I’m just telling you that’s what the minutes say  that doesn’t mean, I wasn’t at the meeting.

Rossetti:  OK.  So when you say she, we’re talking about Robin Wilson?

Hungate:  Robin Wilson, it says unanimously approved a second nomination of … perhaps Mr. Eckles  could tell you if that occurred.

Eckles:  starts to speak…

Hungate: It’s not in the minutes.

There is insufficient information (01:04:01) on the second candidate.  We asked that (indistinct) We didn’t know anything about …

Hungate:  Right, but that’s another lady.  He’s wanting to know if  there…

Rossetti:  Robin Wilson.  Robin Wilson

Eckles:  That was approved, I think

Hungate: Do you know when?

Nelson:  I talked to one commission member who said, does not remember that name (indistinct, talking over each other)







Hungate:  It does not reflect in the minutes, that he gave me to put out this coming week

Unknown female voice: indistinct

Eckles:  I’d have to refer to my minutes on that, because we have had several,  several people that came (indistinct, people talking over him), we didn’t know a thing about them.

Unknown female voice talking at the same time.

Hungate: Yeah, right

People talking at the same time.

Unidentified voice:  What is her name?

Hungate: Cleta. Cleta

Rossetti: Terhune?

Hungate Terhune.

People continued talking over each other.

Nelson: The commission member that I spoke to said there was another lady, we talked about  and I don’t remember, she said that…he didn’t remember if she had been approved or not, but he definitely did not remember Robin’s name ever coming up.

More talking over each other

Rossetti:  Mr. Landa, we need your, we need you.

Rossetti:  The agenda has on it for the Planning Commission nominee Joan Wright and Robin Wilson.  Planning Commission has unanimously approved the second nomination of Wilson.  That’s what we have on our agenda.  Can you speak to that?

Landa:  I’ve never seen that.

Rossetti:  So we have. .. Tonight we have one person tonight, Joan Wright, who has been recommended

Landa:  Yes

Rossetti: by the Planning Commission

Rossetti:  And you have postponed the nomination of Cleta Terhune and you had in the past had Scott Oliver and this was a few months back that you also had recommended, do you remember that?  ….to start over and this was a few months back that you had also recommended, do you ?

Landa:  I cannot remember

Rossetti:  OK

Landa:  That would have been three months ago?

Rossetti:  Probably

Landa:  I think somebody backed out or.

Eckles:  Well, one person was outside the city

Rossetti:  That would have been have been John Oliver

(Landa speaking at the same time)


Landa: But I’m not sure if they were in the planning area.   Now if they’re in the planning area.  According to the statute they can be on the planning commission, I was unaware of that and I thinking the commission was unaware of that. I think you have, pass an ordinance.  We’d want to do that.

Landa:  Any questions from the minutes?

Rossetti:  Thank you, Mike

Unkown voice:  I would make a motion to appoint Joan Wright

Shafer:  I’ll second.

Rossetti:  There is a second to appoint Joan Wright to the Planning Commission

All in favor say yes.

Several voices:  yes.

Rossetti:  Those opposed, like sign.


Rossetti:  You’re on,  girl.

Landa:  They said they were looking for a secretary (giggles, laughter)

Rossetti:  You want to back out, you can’t.

Wright:  I have to make sure…

Rossetti: (indistinct)

Shafer:  I would like them to come back with a second candidate

Rossetti:  Do you want them to discuss the possibility of having planning commission member from the planning are?  I think that we can do that and we can have as many as two from the planning area.

Shafer:  I think that would be nice to have somebody from the planning area be on our Plannning Commission.

Rossetti:  And we have to do that with an ordinance and that ordinance would have to be placed by a the city council.

Eckles:  That’s on the agenda

Hungate:  It just hasn’t gone out yet.

Rossetti:  So you are asking the council to look at that ordinance before we take any further nominees from the planning commission.  Any other council members on that.?

Rossetti:  FOIA master list as only list used by all departments

Third time before council, I’m not sure about that, but .  and if you look at the last page in your packet, and the City of West Fork   procedure notification….you all see that.  OK.

Marsha put this together.  There seems to have been a question about how this was done in practice and she has laid out a very nice procedure here.  I think the City Council has    and pretty much….commmission department would make their own notifications.  All the changes will go to the city clerk so that ….. and then any kind of special request by individual   the Commission itself will take care of .  Marsha has kept that list up, so I think at this point I would like to ask the council if they would like to move on the      in the future taken car elf     I don’t think we need to take any action


Shafer:  I make a motion that we accept the policy o   FOIA  notification

Charlie:  Is there a second

Is there any discussion?

All in favor say yes.

Multiple voices:  Yes.

Opposed by like sign [silence]


Rossetti: OK, All Right budget. We asked Kristie to prepare some stuff for us.

Drymon:  Well, we didn’t actually.

Rossetti:  I’m sorry.

Drymon:  I was actually very surprised when I saw budget on the agenda, ‘cause we’re not ready for the budget yet.  But in the process of doing the budget, one thing that we do  have to make a decision on insurance which is going to have huge effect on out budget depending on how we do that.

But basically what I need from the council to night is we have been offered through our insurance company an early renewal at an 8.1% increase. Accepting that renewal means that we start our policy in December, 2013 instead of February 1st.  It allows us to have an 8% increase versus an increase we don’t know about yet    because of rate compression with Obamacare and it also allows us to keep our current policy, our copays and deductibles and such which we know is not valid under Obamacare (1:13:54) , so we know we are going to lose that if we ‘til December to renew. We don’t know what the cost is going to be if we wait til February, so we need to make a decision.  The main decision we need to make tonight is whether we want to go ahead and do the early renewal for Dec. 1st and then for budget purposes we need to talk about if we are going to cover, keep our coverage like it is now which is we’re paying 100% of all our employees and their families insurance  or if we want to change that.  Before you the departments have met.  They came up with 2 different ideas for you guys to look at as far as dropping our family coverage. (1:14:50)  The first one basically is a graduated stipend depending on years of service the people with the most years of service would get a $4000 stipend , the least years of service would get a $2000 stipend to help offset the cost of family insurance .  The second option is basically to give every employee $3000 stipend, so that everybody gets the same amount (1:15:09). Those are the 2 different things that the department heads have come up with.

(1:15:25) I did have some employees that wanted their voices heard and didn’t feel like they were being heard, so I put their options on here.  One of them basically wants us to provide 100% coverage for the employee and not give any kind of … offer any kind of assistance to employees to help with their family insurance.  One employee basically he’s not going to be happy unless he gets $5000 a [year] because that is what is going to take to cover his family insurance elsewhere.  One employee basically asked if we do a stipend, if it could be a one time payment at the first of the year and not paid out.  I did have a couple of different employees come to my office that felt like that their voices weren’t being heard at the city council, that their wishes and wants weren’t being conveyed to you guys, so I told them that I would put it on paper and that you guys would have it in front of you.

Drymon: So the first decision I need from you guys is whether we’re going to do early renewal.

Alderman Nelson (1:16:28) so, our budget is not going to be ready now.

Drymon: No.

Nelson: If we can’t…are we going to have to have another work session?  Is that what you think?

Drymon:  It depends.  It depends on insurance.  It depends on what you guys, you know, like…right now as the budget stands, it was the way we presented in our workshop.  I believe we were offering the employees a $2000 stipend and we had some extra left over in the budget after doing that.  You guys sent that back to us and told us to come up with something different.  And these different proposals that we’ve given you, if you do the graduated stipend basically as the budget sits right now we’re  going to have to come up with another $3000.  If we do the $3000 across the board then our budget will balance, we would be at zero right now.

Alderman Shafer:  If we did it the one time at the beginning of the year instead of the monthly payments is that something we could do? (1:17:27)?  Or would it need to be the monthly payments  due to  when the  sales tax [? comes up….collected? (The words here are difficult to distinguish)], like what one of the employees is asking.

Drymon:  We could do it. If your employee leaves in June, they’ve already been paid.

Nelson:  If they do that you can lose an awful lot of money in taxes, right off the bat.

Shafer:  That’s why I’m asking it.  I wanted it out there.

Nelson:  talking about this here.  What about?   This thing has come up very quick for us.  We didn’t know, first of all the early signing period.  And I’m not comfortable with employees having to, telling the employees that they‘re going to lose their family insurance or they’re going to lose a big portion of it, in two weeks time basically.   I’m just not comfortable with it.   I would like to see us leave the insurance alone, just like it is right now, January through March, that’s the first quarter.  We can discuss that in April.  I visited with Kristie about this.  The money will work for that.   That will give us time for us to see, we know we’re going to have to make some changes in insurance, but at least we can make an intelligent decision and not cost our employees their family insurance .  I’m suggesting that we do the early signing period so that we’ll know what we are dealing with, that we carry this for 3 months (1:18:52) and give the council time to work on what can happen down the road as far as the Obamacare.  Maybe that will be in play at that point, maybe it won’t, but that will give them time to go out and start looking at insurances and see what might be available for ‘em and not dump this in their lap, tell them they’ve got 2 weeks to find  insurance or you’re without insurance.  That’s what I’d like to see happen.

Alderman Shane Donahue:  We run a big risk of, if we wait and hold off, I mean this number here paying 100% employee only, we hold a big risk of that number jumping by who knows how much.

Nelson:  I’m not asking to do that.

Donahue:  If we hold off.

Shafer: No, he’s saying if we early renew

Donahue:  Right

Nelson:  We know it’s only going to raise 8%.  And actually, and I left out part of that.  My suggestion was when I visited with Kristie was that we tell the employees that  if we are willing to go ahead and pay the family plan for the 3 months, they have to go ahead and pay the 8.1%  increase  which is going to be $100 or  less a month.  Seems to be pretty fair to me to keep their family insurance for that short period of time and let them do some looking  around and  let us decide what of  kind of stipends, or whatever we’re going to call it, or if we are going to do anything.  I just think we’re forcing something right now that’s not fair to them.

Police Chief John Collins (?):  So can we quit in April if we did that?

Nelson:  Yes, according to Kristie, we can.  But you would have to have insurance elsewhere, but you’re going to have to have insurance anyway if Obamacare goes.

Drymon:  If our employees sign on December 1st and they’ve got their families covered (1:20:38) come April if we’re not paying for families they’re going to have to pay our costs to cover their families. They cannot drop insurance with us, unless they can prove they have insurance somewhere else.  That’s what that’s about.

Nelson:  That’s just a way of giving us a little more time to work on this

Voice from the audience, a city employee: For a family  $800 per month, and you drop them and they’ve got to come up with that (1:21:00)

Nelson:  Well they can’t, [says a person’s name that is  indistinct].  That’s what I’m talking about.  You’ll at least have some time to see what Obamacare might do and other plans that are available.  You can’t do it in 2 weeks; I can assure you of that.

Rossetti:  Is your question answered, Shane, about the 8%?

Donahue: It is, yes.

Nelson:  If there are no more questions, I’ll offer that as a motion.

The motion is that we maintain our insurance as is until April 1.  The employee will be required to pay 8.1% of the increase.  (1:21:38).

Rossetti: Of the family?

Nelson:  Of whatever other than the employee, whether it is one child or 2 children or spouse or full family.

Drymon:  Beginning January 1st.

Nelson:  Beginning, yes, beginning January first.

Kieklak:  You mean pay the 8.1% increase. (1:22:18)

Nelson:   Yes.  Just that increase.

Kieklak:  Not pay 8.1% of the 8.1%, just pay the 8.1%.

Nelson:  And they have the option if they don’t want to pay the 8.1% then they can drop their family, and they may get a stipend somewhere down the line.  Anyway the motion, I may need to add that.

Drymon:  Now for budget purposes Mike, I need more than that.   I can figure the budget through April, but not knowing what we’re going to do after April  doesn’t help me put the budget together.

Nelson:  It will balance ‘til April right?

Drymon:  So you’re saying basically figure this budget through April 1st

Nelson: Well we know that we’re going to have to do something, Kristie.   We know we can’t pay and continue to pay.

Drymon:  But are we going to pass the budget knowing what it is going to cost us   through April 1 to carry family,

Nelson:  Well I would, that’s the only thing we can do.

Drymon : then  employee only after April 1?

Nelson:  Well, we’ve got time between now and December to decide what we are going to do.

[Giggles, indistinct murmurings]

Rossetti: Well, on the good side of this, we’re try to help  the employees out as much as we can. On your side of it, we’re confusing everything we possibly can.

Tom Kieklak (Indistinct….. ) budget,  I mean they have to make a decision and literally they have until February 1st   to pass the budget.

Drymon:  Right

Kieklak:  It sounds silly (indistinct) that’s  the law.  And typically in this town, I think we pass it in December.

Rossetti:  So all right.  If we…I haven’t asked for a second.  We’re going to continue with this discussion.  What we could, we could run the budget as Mike [Nelson} has asked   through April, to April,  and then at that point draw that money back out of the budget for the rest of the year. And then if we need a budget adjustment we could make it at that point.   Is that a reasonable way to go at this, so that your stuff isn’t just crazy, and you still have a point of time out there that we’re going to try to find a solution to this.  And it will give time for the employees to look at what their options might be.

Same city employee;  Well a lot of your enrollment dates though,  don’t coincide with April.  You won’t be able to sign up anywhere.   So they kind of need to know before that.


Drymon:  Actually you can.  Even if you have a company that has open enrollment, if you have a major change event, I can’t remember exactly what it’s called, you can enroll someone.  So if somebody’s wife had open enrollment in October .  If their children got dropped in April she would still enroll them in April, because they had  a change of circumstances.  I can’t remember the exact word for it.

Same city employee:  You’re right on target. Got you, right.

Drymon:  They can enroll them as long as there’s some reason why they’re wanting to add them at that time, and not just because they changed their mind.

Same city employee:  But still you’re basically saying you’re going to drop the families.

Nelson:  No we don’t know what we’re going to do.  We’ve got time now to think about what we’re going to do.

Shafer:  No where did we say we were going to drop the family coverage.

Nelson:  (indistinct words) We have to do something somewhere. (1:25:53)

Rossetti: Well we have no choice but to balance the budget.   And we have to balance it on income projected for the year and not on reserves, basically. (1:26:16)   So we need to find a way to get to that point and help everybody as much as we possibly can.   And we can make adjustments if

Nelson: We always can.

Rossetti: then, yeah.

Rossetti:  All right, so I am going to ask for a second.

Shafer:  I’ll second.

Rossetti: So you’ve got the motion Marsha [Hungate].

Drymon:  Let me just re-verify so I can make sure I know, because I’m going going to put a letter in  every employee’s pay check this  next time they get it, so they’ll know what to expect.  So we’re going early enrollment Dec. 1; we’re going to continue to pay family insurance all expect the 8.1%  increase . If they want to continue to having their families they have to pay that.  And April first.  We’re going to pay that ‘til April first, guaranteed, after that we’re not sure where we’re going to go.  Is that okay?  (1:27:09)

Nelson:  Couldn’t have said the motion better.

[Laughter, murmuring.]

Drymon: Just wanted to be sure I got it right.  I’m not going to be responsible.  Now that I have those numbers, I’ll work on the budget.  That should be the only change from all the workshops we’ve had.  I’ll try to get that sent out to the council early, so that you guys can review it.  And we’ll go from there at the December meeting or if somebody feels like we need a meeting before that after they do all the numbers.

Chief Collins:   The  stipend and stuff money will cover all that, so we don’t have to change our budget, the  $45,000.

Drymon:  It will cover through April.

(1:28: 01)

Rossetti: Any further discussion from the council members?  All in favor say yes.  All opposed, like sign. Motion carries.

Donahue:  I’d like to make a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Shafer:  We can’t we’ve got one more open forum. Is there is anyone who would like to come to the podium?  Mr. Winkler

Steve Winkler:  I’m a West Fork resident Mr. Winkler; I’ve spoken to this body before. (1:28:34)

Two months ago I spoke regarding Mr. Bartholomew’s job performance.  And I think maybe to review what people don’t understand often times because it’s a little bit unusual.  Mr. Bartholomew is responsible, accountable to and paid by the autonomous water commission. The work he does for the city as street department, and inspections, and animal control and whatever it is…he does that as a volunteer.  So you have a you know.

You people are tasked with the fiduciary responsibility of this corporation, you’re the board of directors, and this is a corporation.  It’s your job to protect the citizens’ money and to see that this thing is managed in a responsible way. So what you’ve got here is a volunteer, he’s been here a long time, granted. He’s not quite kept up with the digital age, we all know that. You’ve got a volunteer who has lost according to tonight he’s lost almost $50,000. So I think you might want to think in your mix of what to do here. Mr. Sergeant here, Bill Sergeant,  wants to make him, give him,  advance him based on a 1984 resolution that says he’s the business manager in the absence of the mayor. That’s what that resolution says. So, he wants to advance him’ but while you’re thinking of that, you might think of the other alternative which is to fire Mr. Bartholomew from the city. And then he  can still get his salary from the water. But when you have a volunteer that’s losing $50,000 a year you might want to think about putting together a retirement package for him. He’s served well but you might be saving money if he’s not in here. Put that in the mix. One is to give Butch a raise and elevate him the other is to fire him. Thanks.”

Rossetti:  Anyone else?  Mr. Libor.

Indistinct talking

Rossetti:  Speak up I can’t hear you.


Shafer:  It’s being worked on.  Marsha said it’s being worked on.

Rossetti:  Is it?

Hungate:  Well. Yeah.

Rossetti: “Mike, you got something?

Landa: “Yes, sir.”

Rossetti: “Alright you can come up.”

Rossetti:  Did you hear that, Paul?  Did you hear that?

[Laughter and murmuring.]

Commissioner Mike Landa: “Since I’ve chair of the planning commission for a couple of years now. All my experiences with Mr. Bartholomew have been very professional. If I’ve ever had a question, something that’s going on in the city, something legal, he’s found the answer for me and he’s been very beneficial to the planning commission. I think it would be really hard to find somebody, eventually you’re going to find somebody to replace him but it’s going to be hard to fill those shoes with the knowledge that man has regarding the operation of the city.”  (1:32:42)  Thank you.

Rossetti:  All right.  Anyone else?

Speaking from the audience a man says “One other thing.”

Rossetti:  One more.

Carl Underhill: We need to quite’n him down one way or another. Is there any solution to this? Is there?


Underhill:  Is there?

Shafer: No sir. (1:32:03)

Rossetti: No, there’s…you know we have to.

Carl Underhill:   I think one time he was banned from this whole room except when you was having a meeting. I notice him up here and down at the thing., got his own office down there, his own WiFi, you guys approved it. Ah man, we need to do something about this guy.

Rossetti: I don’t have an answer for you, but.

Underhill: Okay, thank you, That’s something to think about.

Rossetti: It is.

Joe Toher: One more thing.

Rossetti: Yes

Toher: “I’d like to speak in two different dimensions. The first dimension is a just another West Fork citizen. I want to take exception to what Mr. Winkler said. I questioned…I’ll constrain myself…I had some of the same emotions that he had…previously …the way you carried…and the other dimension I want to speak in is a water, sewer commission member. The way you [addressing Mr. Winkler] brought to head an issue last year with the water and sewer commission members. We went from volunteers that helped, volunteer our time for no cost to help the city to unappointed, unaccountable representatives that didn’t answer to anybody. Okay, it was my understanding at the time that we always answered, and Butch Bartholomew always answered to the city council. I think you have a loose representation…Mr. Winkler has a loose relationship with the truth and I do take exception to it as a private citizen. I don’t think Butch Bartholomew needs to volunteer his time, he’s a professional manager that is adequately skilled in what he does for the city. And I do not think that  he bilks the city of any time and that he’s receiving any compensation he’s not due. Again, I’m responding to this other citizen – I think he’s got a loose relationship with the truth. I think he belongs here as much as any of us do. I just don’t like the way he characterizes issues, especially at public meetings.” [scattered applause]

Interim Mayor Rossetti: Thank you, anyone more.  (scattered applause)

Shafer:  I make a motion to adjourn.

Rossetti:  Second?

Indistinct voice

Many voices: Yes

Meeting was adjourned.



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