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WF Garden Market Explained


January 13, 2014 by wcobserver

Information provided by Frances Hime.

The Market was established by Frances Hime, Warren James, Patty and Jeff Baker, Jan and Chet Hayes, Jerry Napier, Sue Ogle, Mark Findahl, Julie Odum and David Bartel. Apologies to anyone not cited-please let me know.

It is an independent organization with a federal EIN number and is not associated with the city of West Fork.  The Market has a current cash reserve for 2014.

1.  The West Fork Farmers Market has operated for seven (7) years at its location next to the RR tracks under a Conditional Use Permit approved by the City Council. The Market’s request along with a completed Conditional Use Permit application was presented to the Council by Frances Hime.

2.  Vendors must grow their own (no re-sell) and each must comply with Arkansas Department of Agriculture regulations for the production, advertising, and sale of produce,meats and food.

3.  The Market must also comply with Arkansas health regulations and federal regulations.

4.  The Market is inspected and if one vendor does not meet regulations, the entire Market MAY be shut down.

5.  The Market is run by the Vendors and their consensus vote.

6.  The vendors pay an application fee which covers the expenses for an inspection of the farm and the initial supply of materials such as boxes, bags, signs and other materials such as rubber bands, markers and more.  The commission also covers Farmers Market Convention expenses for vendors.  The Market purchases in large quantities to reduce costs to vendors and customers.

7.  Vendors pay a 10% commission which is saved and used for the purchase of supplies for the vendors and vendors’ attendance at the Arkansas Farmers Market Convention.  Remaining cash at year’s end is used for vendor achievement/recognition awards at the Market’s year-end meeting.

8.  The vendors select a Market manager who works without compensation for any time worked as well as the use of the Manager’s equipment.  The Manager cannot accept a gift from any vendor.

The Manager is responsible for picking up commissions at end of sale day, entering commission received, returning sale record sheets to vendors, completing year-end financial reports, advertising, selecting and picking up supplies, creating brochures, updating the Market’s Rules and Regulations, and other duties as assigned.  Also making, placing and picking up signs.

Frances Hime has acted as Manager until last year and she plans to resume the responsibility in 2014.


Charity/Service to West Fork:

1.  The Market has distributed unsold produce and eggs anonymously to some residents of West Fork.

2.  Each Year the Manager schedules and facilitates the distribution of Arkansas Farmers Market Senior Nutrition Coupons to area seniors who are on a limited income.




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