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Recycling Center Update


February 25, 2014 by wcobserver

Special to the Observer from from Patty Baker-

When we started the Recycling Center, eight or so years ago, we started with an empty lot provided by the City of West Fork. I think we got a picnic table from somewhere and, soon after that, a portable toilet. That first winter we
warmed our hands over an open fire and didn’t even have a sorting table or wooden steps to reach the bins. Our trailers, Henry’s Hut, The Visiting Porch, the shop building that houses our book sale and oil recycling barrel, and even the fence were just a dream.

Now, as you drive past the educational and green Renewable Resource Center Rain Gardens, and turn just past our sign made out of recycled metal from a local craftsman, designed by a local architect with beautiful native stone work from another local craftsman, you enter a center that we should all be proud of. Your recycled materials travel from the West Fork Renewable Resource Center clean of contaminants and going to local repurposers (if that is a word). The community of West Fork is leaving a smaller footprint on the planet. Hooray for us!

When we created the center we wanted it to be as self sufficient as possible. Almost everything we have was achieved through grants, generous donations, and good hard work from our volunteers.

I intend to create a volunteer program which provides more recognition for our volunteers. I would love to give out t shirts or have awards for our volunteers and, as soon as I have time, am planning to set that up. Right now all I can offer is job performance references and college and camp recommendations for your children or yourselves. We can also offer a sense of community, we have plenty of that to go around at the RRC! Oh, it is also a good work out. I actually increased my bone density last year and I think it is partially due to the vitamin D from the sunshine and the heavy lifting I do at the center. How cool is that! You will also get a sense of accomplishment and might even pick up something useful off of the free table. Come work with us, you will be glad that you did.

We really can’t do this without you and we don’t want to do it without you. You need us as much as we need you! Reply to this email to get on the volunteer calendar. Just let me know what Saturday you would like to work.
Patty Baker



  1. John says:

    We are new residents who really appreciate this volunteer-powered, accessible and friendly way to recycle. As I tell visiting friends and family members when bringing them to town, get ready to experience a Norman Rockwell painting come to life in our little town of West Fork! The recycling center is one example of why that image comes to mind.

  2. Jane Zenor says:

    I remember when the recycling center first started how just a few people really put in a lot of time, and also helped out the young people that volunteered on the week ends. The kids were treated with hot chocolate and cookies sometimes to reward them for their hard work. Volunteers are wonderful, maybe there should be a Hall of Fame for some not mentioned that helped originally!

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