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WF Council March Meeting Minutes (pending)


March 24, 2014 by wcobserver

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Regular Council Meeting

March 11th, 2014

The Council meeting was held at the West Fork Fire Department in its Training Room. Prior to the Regular Council meeting, the Fire Department opened it’s doors for an open house to the public. Tours were given of the facility, and everyone was given an opportunity to ask questions. Presentations were given by Fire Personnel of all equipment available and the building itself.

INVOCATION was given by Jan Throgmorton

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was led by the 3rd and 4th Grade winners of the Recycle Bowl Competition, students led by Natalie Henderson from the West Fork Elementary School.


Meeting CONVENED at 6:32 PM

ROLL CALL with agreement to meet this night at the West Fork Fire Department:
Stout – YES

Shafer – YES

Sergeant – YES

Lowry – YES

Nelson – YES

Throgmorton – YES

NOTE- Donahue was not present for this roll call but arrived later.


MOTION made by Shafer to approve the AGENDA as written

2nd by Stout



MOTION made by Throgmorton to approve the February MINUTES as written

2nd by Shafer



WEST FORK ELEMENTARY RECIPIENTS OF THE RECYLE BOWL COMPETITION gave a presentation to all present, stating their various reasons for the need and purpose of recycling, and the importance it makes to our future.




1. COURT – no comments or actions taken

2. LIBRARY – no comments or actions taken

3. PLANNING COMMISSION – actions taken in New Business

4. POLICE DEPARTMENT – Chief Collins was asked about the West Fest Committee.

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Chief Collins reported that the West Fest Committee consists of the following :
Cassie Boyd

Misty Caudle

Vicky Roebke


West Fest will be held September 13th-14th, 2014. If anyone would like to be involved in West Fest or has ideas/input, all suggestions are welcomed. Contact any committee member.


5. STREETS AND UTILITIES – Advised Council of a good drinking water report, receipt of a $50,000 Economic Development Grant, and reported building permits issued for the updating of the Library Hall. Work can fully begin on that building. He also included in each packet an Emergency Response Report.


6. PARKS – no comments or actions taken.

7. RENEWABLE RESOURCES CENTER – no comments or actions taken.

8. FIRE DEPARTMENT – Introduction of new firemen under Old Business #5.

9. TREASURER – no comments or actions taken.



1. Appointment of Council Member to Ward 1 Position 1

MOTION made by Shafer to appoint Donald Rollins to the City Council, Ward 1 Position 1

2nd by Sergeant




Oath of office administered to Mr. Rollins by Mayor Rossetti, and Mr. Rollins took his seat and was welcomed to the City Council.


2. Ozark Transit Report – Joel Gardner spoke regarding the Ozark Transit. Route maps were passed out and an outline given of services. He gave a goal date of the first week of June to begin service to the West Fork area, with stops being considered throughout the city. Buses will be handicap equipped and hours of service will be 6am- 9pm. There will be public meetings for input in April/May, to be announced.


3. Resolution 2014-02 – Changes to Personnel Policies Manual for Employee Health Benefits, Overtime and On-Call Time.

MOTION made by Shafer to accept Resolution 2014-02

2nd by Throgmorton

ROLL CALL VOTE as follows:

Throgmorton – YES

Lowry – YES

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Nelson – NO

Stout – YES

Donahue – absent at time of vote

Sergeant – YES

Shafer – YES

MOTION CARRIED 5/1 with Donahue absent


4. City of West Fork and Rural Fire Dept. contract for Partnership of the two Firemen positions.

MOTION made by Throgmorton to renew above said contract

2nd by Shafer



5. Introduction of our new firemen, Travis Whisenhunt and Mark Myers given by Chief Mitch McCorkle.


6. Bike and Pedestrian Trails – A meeting March 27th at 6:30 PM a public forum will be held at the Fire Department Training Room. Announcement will be made to the public.


7. Council was reminded that the Special Election for Mayor will be April 8th, 2014 and that is also the night of the Regular Monthly Council meeting.


8. Police Vehicle Purchase

MOTION made by Nelson to make a line item adjustment from the reserves for the purchase of a police vehicle.

2nd by Lowry



Shane Donahue joined the meeting at 8pm


9. Organizational Chart recommendation from the Council workshop – after much discussion about the chart presented, it was suggested by the Mayor to put the daily operations under the Business Manager, Butch Bartholomew. Jan Throgmorton stated that the concern has been having a volunteer be responsible for the daily operations of the City. She suggested paying Mr. Bartholomew for that job, making it a paid position. Kristie was asked if there was money for a salary of $100 month if they decide to make this a paid position. She said there was money in the Reserves, but not budgeted.

MOTION made by Throgmorton to go into Executive Session to discuss this issue

2nd by Donahue



Regular Meeting Adjourned for Executive Session.


Council went into Executive Session at 8:13 pm to discuss paying Mr. Bartholomew

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for Business Manager duties.


Regular Meeting RECONVENED at 8:32 PM


MOTION made by Throgmorton to implement the position of Business Manager, and to pay Butch Bartholomew in the position the amount of $1.00 per month, to be paid on a yearly basis the total amount of $12.00. This position will be responsible for the daily operations of the City in the absence of the Mayor.

2nd by Shafer

ROLL CALL VOTE as follows:

Rollins – YES

Throgmorton – YES

Lowry – YES

Nelson – YES

Stout – YES

Donahue – YES

Sergeant – YES

Shafer – YES



Decision was made to have another workshop after the March 27th meeting with Alta Vista Bike and Pedestrian Trails, to decide on an organizational chart with this implementation added.



1. Signature on city accounts

MOTION made by Nelson to have the Mayor co-sign on City accounts

2nd by Shafer



2. Chief Mitch McCorkle LOPFI retirement –

MOTION made by Shafer to buy back Chief McCorkle’s LOPFI from 2008 to current, not to exceed $15,000.

2nd by Throgmorton



3. West Fork Fireman and Fire Chief Job Descriptions are on file in packets.


4. Gayla Schuster – owner of property located at 155 S. Centennial spoke to the Council receding her approval of spot zoning the property next to her property from Commercial to Residential. Her concern is that future owners would object to her property being zoned Commercial.

5. Rezoning of property on Centennial Ave from Commercial to Residential. Joan Wright gave the reasoning of the Planning Commission for rezoning this property and

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Stated that the Planning Commission is in favor of, and recommends the rezoning be approved.

MOTION made by Throgmorton to deny the rezoning

2nd by Shafer



6. Amber Freeman asked the Council to approve her use of the West Fork Community Center for an event to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This event will be April 5th, consisting of individual booths. People will pay a booth rental fee, and the public will pay an entry fee to the building. Those amounts will go to the ACS, but the vendors will make a profit from their goods. Mayor Rossetti suggested that it may be feasible to be thinking soon of addressing the need to change the requirements of use of the Community Center. Several in the audience voiced their opinions about this, both for and against usage for profit, and the advantages of making it available for profit both to the users, and the City.

MOTION made by Nelson to approve the Community Center for this event

2nd by Shafer



7. Planning Commission Appointments of Leslie Scates and Ron Sidebottom

MOTION made by Shafer to accept the recommendations of the Planning Commission for the appointments of Leslie Scates and Ron Sidebottom to the open positions on the Planning Commission.

2nd by Throgmorton



8. Thanks given to the Regional Planning Commission for the City of West Fork Information brochures.


9. Structural Changes and removal of two posts in the Council Room- Mayor Rossetti announced that we are waiting for bids.


10. It was announced that the Senior Center at the Community Center needs a volunteer(s) to help three days a week. Duties would include opening and closing the center in the morning, setting up chairs, reporting any problems or concerns to City Administration, Meals on Wheels contact person, etc.


After no further business,

MOTION made by Shafer to ADJOURN

2nd by Throgmorton




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Respectfully submitted,





______________________________            ______________________________

City Clerk-Marsha Hungate             Mayor Charlie Rossetti






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