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Attentative Reader Finds Error


April 26, 2014 by wcobserver

This photo was blasted around the world wide web by WCObserver dot calm. Oops.

Questionable photo.

The West Fork Sewer Crisis, reported almost daily in the local press, seems to have inspired former regular contributor and mystery person “Ben Few” to pen a letter to the editor. Ben writes:

To the Editor;
I’m afraid that the Observer has misidentified one of the objects in the photo story of April 14 (below). What the Observer has named as a condom in the photo is actually a West Fork whitefish. This invasive species is being saved from near extinction thanks to a restocking program initiated by the city’s water and sewer department. Since this is a highly endangered form of aquatic life, I suggest the city ban angling for West Fork whitefish in the holding pond, as the specimens located there are being held for later release into the river. Though never popular with sport fishermen (due to difficulties in cleaning them) the West Fork whitefish should nevertheless be protected. Thank you West Fork! Save the whitefish!

Your Humble Servant,
Ben Few

[Error noted. Thanks for pointing that out to us, Ben. Anything else? – ED.]



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