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Library Installs Memorial Statuary


July 10, 2014 by Steve Winkler

-Special to the Observer by Jane Bryant-

In memory of volunteers, John Gilbreath and Paul Libor, the Master Gardeners of West Fork recently installed a new statuary in the library rain garden. Along with members of the community and Friends of the Library, the MGs have held several plant related activities to raise funds to purchase the concrete pedestal supporting a book inscribed with the poem “Gossip in the Garden.” Our friends, Paul and John, supported the library through their many volunteer hours of raising plants, sharing seeds, selling books, pulling weeds, bulb donations, etc. They both loved gardening and the library. The statuary is a tribute to their dedication and work for West Fork.

Good Morning Glory,
What’s the Four O-clock news?
Johnny-jump-up lost his shoes.
Black eyed Susan has her eye on you!
And the Tulips want a kiss or two.
Iris just wants Rose to know,
Sweet William is her favourite beau.
Busy Lizzie took her Butcher’s broom
and chased the Cattails round the room.
Poor Weeping Willow isn’t feeling well,
and Hollyhocked her Chimney Bell.
Yesterday Daisy cut off Aaron’s Beard
Then whispered “Forget-me-not” in Elephant’s Ear.
Today a Texas Ranger knocked at my door,
Creeping Jenny found a Naked Lady lying on the floor.
Tomorrow who knows that gossip there’ll be,
The flowers are from such a large family.
Let’s talk again, soon. Good Day Lily.

Steve Winkler

Steve Winkler is the publisher and editor of the Observer. Email him at

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  1. beverly vagnetti says:

    hi – saw this sculpture — gossip in garden”” when can it be purchased i feel in love with it– please help thx bev

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