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  1. DEAD END: Washington County citizens vote against transit tax


    May 23, 2012 by Matthew Jones


    Washington County doesn’t want to expand funding for the Ozark Regional Transit. The vote of Washington County went to the polls yesterday, May 22, and had their voices heard loud and clear. Those against the vote won out, by 64 percent, widely beating the 36 percent in favor of raising the sales tax to fund ORT route expansion. “The purpose of the tax was not very clear” explained Goshen resident, Traci, who  voted NO on the new transit tax. She said that she “wanted to know what the reasons where behind the tax.” She went on to explain that her vote was not against expanding public transit in Was. Co. but more a vote against the unknown and in this time of economic uncertainty, where people have to strap down and make tough decisions, “I better be safe than sorry.


  2. Election Day


    May 21, 2012 by Matthew Jones

    Badge - 2008 election

    Election day is finally here, or at least the May 22nd election day. There will be more to come. If you have already voted in early or absentee voting thanks, but for all those who have waited there is still time left to vote. I hope that everyone decides to vote, because there are not only important issues on the ballot, whether or not people in Washington Co. will be paying higher sales taxes, but also important primary races going on, and judge ships to be decided on as well. It is important that every eligible citizen of this county vote and have their voices heard. A term that I hear a lot is: The Silent Majority. This refers to when most of the people agree on one side or another of a particular issue but they are not as vocal about it or decide, for some reason or another, not to vote. There is no reason why this term should even be in existence because if someone feels that an issue is an important or wants to change or keep the government the same, there is an outlet in our way of governance to show that. Just vote. I …


  3. Tax for Public Transit


    May 3, 2012 by Matthew Jones


    One of the most widely talked about ballot proposals on the ballot this May, is the 1/4 percent sales tax increase to raise funds for public transportation in Washington County. The tax increase comes from the Washington Quorum court to the voters. This incentive to raise funds for public transit began with a cooperation with Benton County, but Benton County later pulled out and Washington County decided to move forward with the project. Reasons to vote for the tax increase: The main purpose of the tax increase is to raise funds. As voters we want to receive services from the government, but we do not want our government to go into debt and to be fiscally responsible and to pay for what they spend. Proponents would say that public transit is a much needed service for NWA and that it helps the handicapped and elderly, mostly of Washington County, who cannot drive or get around other ways. Reasons to vote against the tax increase: It is a tax increase. No one really wants to pay more money to the government. People are budgeting anyways and why give more money away to the government. Also, the tax increase they propose would …


  4. Who are OUR judges?


    April 13, 2012 by Matthew Jones


    If most of you are like me, you know who is running for president. You most likely know who is running for the major positions in your community, but what about those people who don’t have party affiliations, officially? Who really knows who the judges that are running in your district really are? Well I hope that this little bit of information makes your job on May 22nd a little easier. Washington County is in Judicial District 4, along with Madison County. This is for the circuit court, the lowest of the of the three courts in the state court system. (The Court of Appeals and the Arkansas Supreme Court are the higher two types of courts.) There are currently two seats open on this circuit, Division 4 and Division 6. For Division 4 you have three new candidates vying for your votes, while in Division 6 you an incumbent judge versus a newcomer. In Division 6, there is incumbent Judge Mark Lindsay. According to his re-election page on Facebook, he has served on the circuit court bench since March 2000. Also, he was in private law practice for 21 years and was Judge of the West Fork Municipal Court for 15 years.  He went …


  5. Shift in Parties?


    March 8, 2012 by Matthew Jones

    In Arkansas politics, one could just assume that the democrats would win out. That they would be the majority in power in both chambers in Little Rock. That could all change in 2012. Filing has closed and the list of official candidates are in. There are 7 districts for the House of Representatives in Washington County, 87-89, 92-94 and 97.  In districts 87, 92, 93, and 94, there are only Republicans either running unopposed or against other Republicans. In 88 and 89 there is one Democrat facing one Republican while in 97 there are two Republicans facing off against one Democrat. In 87, Rep. Jonathan Barnett, 57,  of Siloam Springs,  who is a  general contractor, runs unopposed. In 88, Randy Alexander (R),  of Springdale,  who is a businessman will run against Edwin Sugg (D), 52, also of Springdale, who is an engineer. In 89, Micah S. Neal (R) of Springdale will run against Inez Yesenia Hernandez (D), 35, also of Springdale, who is a safety manager. In 92, Jim Parsons (R) of Bella Vista will face Rep. Mary Lou Slinkard (R), 68, of Gravette, who is a retired Benton County Clerk. There is no Democratic challenger. In 93, Jim Dotson …


  6. Madison seeks reelection


    February 27, 2012 by Matthew Jones

    Justice of the Peace Eva Madison of the Washington County Quorum Court. She was first elected in November 2010 and took office in January 2011. Madison said “it has been a privilege to represent the people of my district.” Madison also remains concerned about animal concerns and budgets for the upcoming years if reelected. “The Quorum Court worked hard on the 2012 budget, but I think we can do better for the taxpayers of Washington County,” said Madison in a recent press announcement. Madison goes on to explain on future goals for the budget of 2013, of reelected. “I will push for a closer look at actual expenditures, as well as a budget that provides the citizens of Washington County with a more accurate depiction of how we are spending their tax dollars.” Justice Madison lives in Fayetteville. She is a graduate of Fayetteville High School, Vanderbilt University, and University of Arkansas School of Law. She practices law in Fayetteville and serves as a adjunct faculty member of the University of Arkansas School of Law. She has been married to David Pieper for 17 years. She has one son Sam, age 2. She also has several rescued cats and a …


  7. Filing List of Candidates


    February 24, 2012 by Matthew Jones

    Filing date has arrived and are available for viewing at There can be found there a list of the candidates that have filed for State and House seats for the legislature. The site will be updated every day until filing is done. Filing closes next Thursday at noon.