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  1. Guest Commentary: How ​Wise ​are ​We?


    February 13, 2012 by wcobserver

    In 1789, one of our Founding Mothers (Mercy Warren) said of Americans, “… we are too poor for monarchy, too wise for despotism, and too dissipated selfish and extravagant for republicanism.” It’s almost 223 years later and some things have changed. The wealthiest one percent of our country are quite wealthy enough for monarchy, and apparently are attempting to create one via political campaign donations. Other Americans, however, may still be “too dissipated selfish and extravagant” (in 2011 Americans carried $11.4 capital-T trillion in debt, some 79 percent of the GDP) for a government requiring vigilant and involved voters (republicanism). And as for “too wise for despotism” while the current and past presidents requested, and congresses passed, laws permitting the executive office access to our emails, snail-mail, phone calls, library records, bank records, credit card records, medical records with- out cause or warrant; while the government passed laws permitting secret prisons and torture; laws permitting the executive office to define terrorism and assisting terrorism, to accuse anyone of those self-defined crimes, to imprison without evidence anyone accused of those self-defined crimes, and to never even bring those accused to a court of law, Americans watched TV and the more politically …