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  1. A Legislator’s Year-in-Review


    January 8, 2012 by Justin Harris

    As you have heard it said before, this was a Historic Year. The largest number of Republicans was voted into the State House and Senate, and 2012 looks to be an even bigger year for gains because of the Conservative Movement. Voters, in the state and in the nation, want to get back to the basics of what our government is supposed to do. I will say, I’m honored to be one of the first Republican Legislators to serve from the city of West Fork. Of course, along with changes, there were many difficulties. The witness of change has brought a “Changing of the Guard.” This past year has brought on some of the worst political and personal attacks on legislators that have taken place in the State’s history. Being one of them, on the receiving end, we have taken it all in stride. One realizes that it has little to do with them, and it has more to do with the bigger picture of “How will this State be governed in the next decade?” We are currently headed for an economic crisis in Arkansas, and that is why change must come. The Forestry Department is currently in the hole …