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  1. Editorial: The Risk of Voting FOR


    November 3, 2012 by wcobserver

    The Risk of Voting FOR The ballot initiative being presented to West Fork voters on Tuesday is a game changer. Voting to elect a mayor or council member has a built in safety valve; if your choice turns out to be a mistake, at least, it will be rectified when the four year term ends.  At the same time, if your choice works well for you, it may not be repeated with the next mayor or alderman.  This ballot initiative will change city government in a fundamental way; it will change how the individual components of city government are connected to each other.  To use a mechanical metaphor, the way the gears and wheels interact will determine the performance of the machine.  The ballot initiative is about the structure of city government, not the individuals who occupy any position in government.  Governments are the administrative equivalent of machines with interchangeable parts.