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  1. Who are OUR judges?


    April 13, 2012 by Matthew Jones

    If most of you are like me, you know who is running for president. You most likely know who is running for the major positions in your community, but what about those people who don’t have party affiliations, officially? Who really knows who the judges that are running in your district really are? Well I hope that this little bit of information makes your job on May 22nd a little easier. Washington County is in Judicial District 4, along with Madison County. This is for the circuit court, the lowest of the of the three courts in the state court system. (The Court of Appeals and the Arkansas Supreme Court are the higher two types of courts.) There are currently two seats open on this circuit, Division 4 and Division 6. For Division 4 you have three new candidates vying for your votes, while in Division 6 you an incumbent judge versus a newcomer. In Division 6, there is incumbent Judge Mark Lindsay. According to his re-election page on Facebook, he has served on the circuit court bench since March 2000. Also, he was in private law practice for 21 years and was Judge of the West Fork Municipal Court for 15 years.  He went …