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  1. Sewage Overflow Photos – April 2014


    April 11, 2014 by Steve Winkler

    -By Leslie Scates- This evening, April 10, 2014, I took a little stroll down to the wastewater overflow leak that has been mentioned in the news lately. I wanted to see it for myself in order to form my own opinion about it instead of listening to what was being said about the situation. The trip was eye opening to say the least! I took out my IPhone and immediately took pictures to document my trip and what I was seeing. These are those pictures.


  2. We’ve Always Done It That Way (Part 10)


    February 8, 2012 by wcobserver

    West Fork news item: Mayor Hime informed the Council that by moving a full- time employee from the Water Department the Street Department without prior approval of the Water Commission or City Council, Michael “Butch” Bartholomew has broken the law and the budgets will need to be corrected. Wearing a lot of hats may draw praise from some people, it but can sometimes lead to what social psychologists call “role conflict.” We’ve all experienced it to some ex- tent when we find ourselves trying to occupy two incompatible roles at the same time. It often takes the form of a conflict between the expectations of performing one’s family role and the expectations of a career role; demands of work vs. demands of the job, for example. Role conflict may lead to situations of social awkwardness and frustration causing heightened anxiety. Or it can take on a more ominous character and drift into situations that can lead to ethical and even legal problems. Job-related role conflict is not uncommon. Many people have experienced conflicting demands of their job resulting from hazy job descriptions, blurred lines of authority or “too many bosses.” Welcome to West Fork. The city’s organizational structure resembles a …