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  1. Capitol Week in Review: Students​ Coming​ to ​College​ Unprepared


    February 13, 2012 by Sue Madison

    LITTLE ROCK – Last year, Arkansas high school graduates were better prepared academically for college than they have been in the recent past, according to a recent survey based on remediation rates of freshmen. Every year, the state Department of Higher Education counts the number of entering freshmen who must take re- medial classes their first year in a four- year university or a two-year college. Students are required to take remedial classes if their standardized test scores in English, reading and math are not high enough. On the popular ACT test, the required score is 19 or higher. A total of 23,176 students took the college admission tests. This year’s report shows that 49.3 percent of students enrolling in an Arkansas public college or university had to take at least one remedial class. That is the lowest percentage since the fall semester of 1993. Our worst performance was in the fall of 2002, when 59.6 percent of new students had to take a remedial class. There is a large difference in remedial rates between students entering a four-year university and those entering a two-year college. At the state’s four- year universities, 34.5 percent — 5,101 students — had to …