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  1. Ondaatje’s Mildy Enjoyable Cruise


    February 24, 2012 by Kelly Gass

    “The Cat’s Table” by Michael Ondaatje This book describes a sea voyage by an 11-year-old boy. He is traveling from Sri Lanka to London in the early 1950s on a ship titled Oronsay. The boy’s name is Michael and he is to meet his mother in Lon- don. Michael has very little supervision on the voyage, even though a non-vigilant chaperone has promised to look after him. He has a couple of close friends on the voy- age who are roughly his age. His friends’ names are Cassius and Ramadhin. The three boys have their meals at the “Cat’s Table” – meaning it is the table farthest separated from the Captain’s table in proximity and in social station. Michael and his two pals share the table with a few mostly misfit adults, who make for interesting camaraderie. Having little supervision, Michael and his pals naturally get into their share of trouble. They also learn a lot about adults and the “games” older people play. The three boys find the adults intriguing and this keeps them guessing about what they may be hiding. Some of the adults have secretive lives and the boys go on clandestine missions each day in order …