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  1. Chicken Fancier Has Fun with Fowl


    June 14, 2011 by wcobserver

    By Steve “Rooster” Winkler It’s hard to describe what she does. Some have called her a “chicken whisperer” while others might see her as a chicken-behavior expert. Still others might refer to her as an unfunded poultry geneticist. Regardless of the label, it’s safe to say Alice McKee has a knack for understanding chickens and their owners. Alice operates in that ambiguous region of enterprise that is neither business nor simply pastime that she describes as a “hobby gone wild.” She sells young hens and pullets to city folks mostly then makes herself available to answer the questions that will surely arise from first-time chicken owners. She doesn’t advertise; people hear by word-of-mouth from past customers about her quality hens and sound advice. For many residents who came to south Washington County and embraced the rural life in the ’70s the backyard flock was a staple of the back-to-the-land lifestyle.  Newcomers wanting to start their own homestead flocks soon found Alice and her hens. “My hens are generally very friendly because I hand-raise them and take time to be around them,” Alice said. “So they’re not as skittish as those raised in large batches. And with only a few chickens …