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  1. A Citizen Journalist in Tonitown


    November 7, 2012 by wcobserver

    Tonitown is in western Washington county. So why, one might ask is the Washington County Observer which serves the south part be interested in why happens over there. Two reasons. First the size of the town and nature of the issues that are confronting their citizens are similar to those in West Fork. They also dissolved their independent water commissions in the past election, they have had city clerk problems and are struggling with police funding problems. But also, we want to showcase an excellent example of local citizen journalism written by Sunny Hinshaw, a retired veterinarian who is active in city politics and sends out a monthly newsletter. We applaud this effort and hope perhaps it will inspire others to write and share their observations of their town. Sharing information, observing and participating in ones town is vital to the well being of any community.   Tontitown News   November 4, 2012  Volume # 17   Dear Citizens, I will start this TTN with a reminder that the City Council Meeting has been moved from the 1st Tuesday meeting date to Wednesday due to Election Day this month.  Time and place are still the same, 7 PM at City Hall. …